Thinglink session at Google

Paul Socolow of Google invited me to pay a visit. He gave Jyri and I a fun tour of the Googleplex and I gave a talk on the online crafting phenomenon and Thinglink. It was a nice opportunity to discuss Thinglink with Google’s engineers and I learned some new things.

Tracy Scott, who works on Google Base, suggested we create a feed from Thinglink to Google Base. It’s an interesting idea and something I’ve been thinking about for a while. The most interesting prospect is to enable thinglinked items to show up in Google search results with the structured information (image thumbnail, maker, year, country, etc.) presented nicely. I’m still learning how Google Base works though. For instance I’m still not quite clear on how the information entered in Google base can be updated / changed / deleted later.

Jeff Breidenbach reminded that it’s a good idea to discuss Thinglink with the people on standards bodies like AIM Global to prevent possible collisions. He also suggested the option to store the database record in the barcode itself (see PDF417).


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