Thinglinks for people?

In the comments to his <a href=”post on Thinglink, Robert Wallis wondered if thinglinks apply to people as well material objects.

I wondered how it

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could be extended further, i.e. for people. There are obviously legitimate concerns about the “big brother state” etc, but I have so much information related to me (as a thing) that I have to remember etc that I wondered if it would be possible to have it somewhere under my own control etc. Have you thought about how that may be possible, or reasonable etc?

The concepts “thing” and “creative work” are so vague that I think all kinds of interpretations should probably be allowed as long as they’re not offensive. That’s how Thinglink works now and it’s possible to thinglink persons although I don’t particularly envision thinglink should be used for that purpose. Like Robert said, most people already have unique identifiers, like social security numbers. Works of art, design and craft don’t have unique IDs, and I think that’s where Thinglink can help most.

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