Featured makers: York and Sophy

I have many reasons to introduce York Date and Sophy as the first featured makers on Thinglink.

On December 5th, 2005 York wrote me an email asking if he could use thinglinks for tagging his music. At that time we didn’t have a database, only a rudimentary thinglinlink generator on thinglinks.com. But York and Sophy didn’t mind. Instead, they explored the idea of thinglinks and demonstrated how thinglinks work on Google search. As soon as thinglink.org was published, York and Sophy became the first supporters of the project.

York is currently making his master’s thesis about learning in online service development projects at the Graduate School of Business Administration at Kobe University, Japan. Together with Sophy he runs Art Recipes (see also art recipes on Flickr), a project that encourages people to document and share their personal process of artmaking.

Listen to a-hum.mp3 (thing:452XIT) by York and Sophy.

Photos: Yorkers&Hirosophy



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