MOA06 uses thinglinks

This year all the Masters of Art 2006 (MOA06) works at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (UIAH) are tagged with thinglinks. At the exhibition thinglinks show on the text posters beside the works. Visitors at the exhibition can collect object-specific business cards (thing-stickers) of the works they like, find the work later by using the code on Thinglink search, bookmark it with Delicious, etc.

Thinglink complements the UIAH-authored presentation of the MOA works by giving visitors the possibility to leave comments to MOA06 makers. By signing up a personal Thinglink account, young artists and designers get to edit the descriptions of their work, as well as to add other projects into the database.

Visit the exhibition at Arabianranta.

Photo: Matti Suominen


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