Question about Wicket

Stefan Groschupf found a technical problem with the current webpage: links on the webpage change when a web session change. This means that one user cannot send a link to another user, since each user has her own session. The only url that stays the same is the thing page:

“The way the wicket framework you use handle this kind of page navigation is – let’s say everything else than common. I think you will run into problems since everybody wants to link to a tag or popular year etc. and end up to “page expired”. (…) Also, the search engines will not able to crawl your page.”

Well, that indeed must be fixed. Unless there are some wicket developers out there who can comment on this right away, I think we have to wait for Joni to solve the problem. I think it is this way because we haven’t really planned a proper url architecture for our pages yet.

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