A URL design for thinglink.org

This week, Ulla-Maaria and I are having our first face-to-face Thinglink meetings in Amsterdam. We’re discussing a lot of areas that are important to the project: concepts, website, community, technology, standards and many more.

The first technical issue we’ve tackled is the URL structure of the website. Although every thinglink has a reliable URL such as http://thinglink.org/thing:265CII, most of the rest of the site has URLs that are not reliable. They change over time, which makes them impossible to bookmark, to blog about, or to email to a friend.

We want to fix this as soon as possible by tweaking the code behind the scenes, but first we had to decide what the ideal URLs should be. The new URLs, as soon as we’ve implemented them, will look like this:

  • http://thinglink.org/tag/beanie – things tagged ‘beanie’
  • http://thinglink.org/tag/beanie+finland – things tagged both ‘beanie’ and ‘finland’
  • http://thinglink.org/user/ullamaaria – ulla maaria’s profile and list of thinglinks
  • http://thinglink.org/search?q=search+terms – a search for ‘search terms’
  • http://thinglink.org/country/finland – things made in finland
  • http://thinglink.org/year/1989 – things made in 1989

We think this is a good clean structure that we can build on in the
future when we add more features to help people share their
information. For each kind of webpage that these URLs represent, we want to add RSS feeds, and a way for developers to read and write the information using an API.

If you’ve got any thoughts on what kind of feed or API would work best for you, please let us know.

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