Featured maker: Ville Lahtinen

Ville Lahtinen is a nineteen-year old snowboarder-entrepreneur, who makes snowboarding accessories such as beanies. Ville established his own beanie business in the age of sixteen, and since that he has crocheted more than fifteen hundred head wears. In addition, Ville gives crocheting lessons to school kids and adults.

On April 11th, Ville received an email from Sofia Laine, a EU-meeting coordinator from Helsinki. Sofia asked if Ville could make 260 unique beanies for the upcoming Young Active Citizenship EU-meeting that she was organizing. Ville was in the middle of his matriculation exams, but decided to take the challenge and replied “yes”. Between April and the end of June, he crocheted about four beanies per day.

Every beanie has got a unique thinglink, which is printed on a fabric label and attached to the hat by sewing. On July 3rd, Ville got to hand out his creations to the conference participants, including the Finnish Minister of Culture, Tanja Saarela.


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