Stefan Groschupf joins Thinglink

On June 3rd I got an email from Stefan Groschupf saying he could write some code to index thinglinks with Nutch – similar to the way the creative commons license indexing is working. ‘Sounds great’, I said. One email left to antoher, new questions came up, I introduced Stefan to Joni and Matt, and sooner than I realized, Stefan had become a key person in our developer team. Thanks to Stefan, thinglink will be soon available from under GNU GPL. Here is a good intro about Stefan from CommerceNet Events:

Stefan designed and built his first search engine for a university library in Germany at the age of 19. By 21, he founded Media Style, Inc., a computer engineering company specializing in text-mining, search and e-commerce applications. Over the past 10 years he has consulted on Internet and database projects for BMW, Intel, Siemens and Hoffmann La Roche. He is an active member of the Open Source community working on distributed file-sharing and map-reduce implementation projects. He has also contributed the plugin architecture and metadata support to Nutch, the leading open source search engine.

Stefan is also the founder and lead architect for weta, an open source grid computing project. Currently Stefan works as Chief Architect for and also consults for other Silicon Valley startups in the vertical search engine arena.

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