Login to the new Thinglink site

Over the past months we’ve been quietly working away on a new version of Thinglink. I’m happy to announce that the new version of the site is now online!

All existing Thinglink user accounts have been transferred to the new platform. But note! In order to log in with your username, you need to request a new password. To fetch a new password and log into the new site,
1) point your Web browser to http://thinglink.org/forgot-password.html
2) enter your Thinglink username and click "Request new password"
3) check your email for a message from support@easysitesearch.com (will change into do-not-reply@thinglink.org) containing your new password
4) log in with your username and the new password at http://thinglink.org/login≈

We’re still doing some improvement work but please check the site out and let us know what you think! Picture_1

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