Join mekko exhibition!

Do you have a vintage Marimekko or Vuokko dress? Join our mekko exhibition on starting from July, 4th!

Daringly graphic Marimekko and Vuokko dresses are classic fashion icons in the history of Finnish fashion design. These dresses are like good wine; the more time passes, the better they get. Some of Marimekko’s dresses have been in production for over four decades. Vintage vuokkos and marimekkos are among the most wanted discoveries at flea markets and second hand stores. Some of the dresses pass straight on from mother to daughter.

In praise of these beautiful classics, we are organizing a mekko exhibition – an exhibition of vintage Marimekko and Vuokko dresses.  In addition to new DIY fashion shoots, we’re welcoming nostalgic photos of dresses from your family photo album. Take part in the exhibition and win yourself a new classic dress!

How to participate?

1. Take a cool fashion shoot of yourself with a marimekko dress on, or scan an old pose from the family album and save it in jpg format.
2. Create a free collector’s portfolio on (‘Sign up’)
3. Add your picture to your portfolio by clicking ‘Add’. Write down the story of the dress under ‘description’ and tag the dress with the words ‘mekko exhibition’. When you’re ready, click ‘submit’ at the bottom of the page. You’re in!
4. You can now browse through other people’s dresses by writing ‘mekko exhibition’ in the search box. Pick your favorite dress!

Create your own exhibition on!

If you have cool photos of other kinds of marimekko garments, tag your photo as “vintage marimekko” or start a new exhibition by choosing your own tag!

If you’re passionate about other classic vintage garments, you can be a curator and create your own exhibition on by announcing a certain Thinglink tag on your blog!

Mekko exhibition info in Finnish


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