Portable Thinglink!

The people demanded a way to add easily add products while browsing your favorite design/antique/architecture/collector/technology sites. And you know what the people are getting? Exactly that. We are proud to introduce v0.5 of the Thinglink Bookmarklet.  Special shouts out to Thinglinkers Jonas Forth and Sacha Chua for urging us into action.

What can it do?
The Thinglink Bookmarklet allows you to add new products from any site that you regularly visit on the web. Here’s an example of how I used it earlier today:

Bookmarklet v0.5 Introduction from Thinglink on Vimeo.
Music: I still don’t hate you by Junior Major.

Will it work flawlessly?
Not quite yet. But it will work decently, and it will work hard. And it will just keep getting better and better, automatically updating every time we enhance it. Plus, if you do your part and report feedback we’ll get to v1.0 in no time.

How do I install it?

Simple. You can go straight to http://thinglink.com/bookmarklet and follow the instructions. At the moment, we are supporting FF3+, Safari, Chrome, and IE8, so you’ve got some options. You’ll also see a promo on the right column of your home page the next time you log in, with a link to the install page.

I wish you all happy hunting!

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