Bringing in business with photos: Tikau home decoration

If you are a design company making cool things, we have good news for you: it’s never been this easy to bring in business by taking wonderful photos. Let’s take an example.


Tikau is a home decoration brand from Helsinki that mixes Scandinavian design with Indian crafting. ‘Tikau’ is a Hindi word meaning long lasting, durable and sustainable. After traveling in India and studying its rich crafting culture, the founder of Tikau, Taina Snellman, wanted to do something to support sustainable community development in rural India.  In 2008 she decided to engage top Scandinavian designers such as Klaus Haapaniemi and Ilkka Suppanen to work with Indian crafters. The result was an elegant home decoration collection with rugs, baskets, pillows, and accessories made from natural dyes and materials such as uncolored wool, organic cotton,  banana fiber and recycled materials.

How to spread the word around?

Building up retail for an emerging design brand is hard and terribly expensive. Getting attention in social media is easier than getting people to visit the shop. But how to benefit from the online attention? This is where we can help.

Tikau has its own webstore and great photos of their products. With the help of Thinglink tags, these photos are now served in the interactive, rich photo format for bloggers and online magazines.

For Taina and her colleagues this means that
– they can offer more information about each item in a photo (tagging images with Thinglink)

– they can link promo images of Tikau homes right back to their new web store or to the crafting community where things are made (linking a tag to a web address)

– they can follow what photos and products are most viewed (Thinglink statistics on image and tag views)

– they can follow online press coverage for their photos (Thinglink statistics on image embeds)

What’s the cost?

For using Thinglink, nothing. For tagging the photos, 1 hour of the shop assistant Angel’s time. For embedding the tagged photos on the site, 5 minutes of Web developer Luca’s time. That’s all.

If you’d like to copy these images, click the icon in the upper left corner to get the embed code.

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