interior design blog appreciates Thinglink for ease of use

Harri Kangas shares his interior design ideas, tips and inspiration on his blog A couple of weeks back Harri decided to try out Thinglink. He created a publisher account and got the Thinglink tagging tool for his blog. Copy and paste, and there it was. Now, all images appeared taggable, and Harri could start clicking on ‘things’ and dropping in some text and links to describe them. “I do both descriptive tags that add detailed information on the image, and link tags, which lead to other websites, most often to the manufacturer’s site or online store.”

Harri was pleased to see that tagging with Thinglink was quick and easy, and that he could freely choose the links to tags. “Simplicity and flexibility is essential for the blogger community to adapt any new tools”.

Images become core content for bloggers

Harri believes that online advertising will move away from banners towards image-based solutions like Thinglink. “New tools create new opportunities for advertising partnerships. I use TradeDoubler links on some of my Thinglink tags. This means images, and not only texts and banners, brings me affiliate revenue. The role of images is changing from illustration to core content”, says Harri.

Want to do like Harri and Thinglink your images? Create a Thinglink publisher account, contact us at and we’ll enable your personal tagging tool.

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