Enable Thinglink with Tumblr

Thanks to Justin Kadis, here are instructions to enable Thinglink with Tumblr:

1. Sign up for Thinglink
2. Login to your Tumblr account and click Customize
3. Click the Info tab and copy your code from this link to the Description box
4. From now on, once you stay logged into Thinglink at the same time as your browse your blog, the images will have a Thinglink Icon in the upper left corner. Click on Icon and an Edit button appears
5. The Thinglink tool tagging tool will appear. You can add your links and tags freely to all your images on the blog. Happy tagging! The statistics for your image views, hovers and click are in your statistics page

Justin extends the range of imaginable use for Thinglink by tagging his new puppy Ajax and writes: “[Thinglink] is a really cool product that enables individuals and companies to explain their photos in further detail, drive traffic to wherever they’d like and track statistics on clicks and other metrics.”

Thanks again for the Tumblr instructions, Justin, and please let us know when you discover new use cases for in-image tags!

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