How to enable Thinglink with Drupal

There are two ways to enable Thinglink with Drupal. If you are familiar with running scripts and installing modules you can try out a Thinglink module for Drupal developed by Peter Rukavina. Alternatively you can follow the instructions below to enable Thinglink with Drupal.

1. Sign up for Thinglink

2. You will see Add Thinglink to your entire site in your right hand corner, choose that

3. Now you see your personal Thinglink code. Choose Copy to Clipboard

4. Log into your Drupal site as an administrator. Choose Administer and Site building from the left hand side menu.

6. Click on Add block

7. Name your block Thinglink and paste your code from Thinglink site here

8. Choose your Thinglink block and select footer from the drop-down menu

9. Now you see Thinglink as a part of your footer

10. Next time you browse your Drupal site images, a Thinglink icon appears in the left hand corner of your pictures.

11. By choosing the edit, you can add image tags and links. Happy tagging!

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