Jonas Forth joins Thinglink as community manager

Just before publishing the Thinglink private beta in 2009, I was browsing the web looking for web-savvy object enthusiasts who we should invite to test the new service. I came across, and found a guy named Jonas Forth whose flickr photos and writings were full of appreciation and passion for objects — and the stories behind them. So I emailed Jonas, and asked him to join the Thinglink beta community.

Within a couple of months Jonas became the most active member of the group with others who started following him and asking advice and help in product identification and valuation. With his professional background and interest in media, and passion in quality objects, Thinglink was a good match for Jonas too.

It is therefore our great pleasure to announce that after two years of active community participation, Jonas has officially joined Thinglink as its new community manager. In this position Jonas will start developing publisher and brand community relations, key account management and community events.

Jonas has over ten years of experience of content production for TV, web and print through positions at YLE, Kinoproduction and MediaCity, specializing in storytelling in cross- and trans-media environments. He has also worked with coordination of productions, conferences and co-projects. Jonas has a Masters degree in political science with a focus on journalism and mass communication. Through his personal interest in design he has promoted design history, individual objects and product development for most of his adult life. He even has his own regular slot in the Finnish-Swedish television as design expert. All in all, there couldn’t be a better person to understand the richness of links that an object can have to its environment — and how all that will eventually change the media.

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