Keep track of your image tag statistics with weekly updates

Keeping track of your image tag statistics just got a lot easier. We just released a weekly update email feature, which will show our users how their images are doing and provide tips on how to increase the amount of people hovering and clicking the image tags.

The feature is an opt in service and you find the checkbox in your account preferences.



In order to provide our users with comparable statistics over a longer period of time we will release the update once every Monday. This makes it easier for users to follow the trend of the images and decide on how to turn possible negative curves into positive ones and gain even more clicks. The weekly update also includes tips on how to tag your images and news on new features we constantly develop to help your master image tagging.

Naturally, ThingLink’s dashboard will provide all users with realtime statistics in the future as well but the email update is another way of keeping track of how your image tags are doing. Remember, in order to receive the statistics update you need to opt in in your account preferences but that’s all. We’ll handle the rest.

Please let us know what you think of the weekly update by commenting on this post or on our  support forum.

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