ThingLink reveals new Flickr import tool for easy rich media image tagging

As some of our power users may already have noticed, you can now import your Flickr photos onto your ThingLink dashboard to be easily tagged and shared. Instead of single tagging images with URLs, you can now import your entire Flickr photostream into ThingLink, streamlining the process of tagging your images. This opens up new opportunities for Flickr users who want to enhance their images with rich media tags such as YouTube videos, music from Soundcloud as well as Twitter and Facebook profiles. Importing your photos is an effortless process. Below is a quick 4-step guide to get you going:



Step 1: Log into Thinglink from our homepage


Step 2: In the dashboard, click on the “Import from Flickr” right below the chart.


Step 3: Enter you flickr user name


Step 4: Click on the images you wish to import to Thinglink and after that click the “Import selected images” button.


Step 5: The images have now been imported to your dashboard where you can tag and share them.


We hope this aids you in finding content to tag more easily. Naturally you can still enable your entire site with ThingLink, automatically making all of your site’s images taggable.


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