Optimize your eBay sales with ThingLink image shops

On the eastern end of New York’s Long Island, there sits a non-descript garage. Inside that garage, however, is another world — antique cars restored to perfection, a corner booth set up to be an exact replica of a nineteen-fifties era diner, model trains, vintage gas station signs — in short, a world made possible by eBay, and my father-in-law, the man who seems to keep that company in business.

eBay users and sellers don’t need anyone to tell them that the site can sometimes border on an addiction, and that it has created a whole new way to buy and sell goods. But now that everyone seems to have a store, how can sellers set theirs apart? Simple — by using ThingLink’s eBay tag to create interactive images and encourage deeper consumer engagement.


Say you have a blog that you use to direct customers to your eBay store. You’re probably posting images of your goods and a link to bid on them — but that requires readers to look in two places and can be cumbersome — you lost the impulse buyers if they have to scroll too much. With ThingLink you can embed a tag that will lead readers to your store with one click right in the image — they simply hover and click, then bid away. No need to for them to ever leave the image.


You can also embed links to similar items in your store:



Embedding a link to the store in an image is great — but really, not all that interesting on its own. But ThingLink can also be used to embed audio, video, and other rich media links in images — creating a whole new experience and enticing the reader to click and buy even more.

Take the example above. A thirty-something creative professional with fond memories of her grunge days and a bit of disposable income might be tempted to lay down a hundred bucks for an old magazine — but how to put her over the edge to make sure she buys? Try embedding a video of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or a Hole track and watch the nostalgia meter go to eleven.

Using ThingLink to make your blog more interactive can be a boon for your eBay store — and a heck of a lot of fun to do, too. Creating an eBay tag is as easy as grabbing the URL of the product and dropping it into the editor’s link field.

Sign up at ThingLink.com to get started.

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