Make today a special Valentine’s Day with a personalized ThingLink card

Oh god, it’s Valentine’s Day again. The Hallmark holiday created to celebrate love has now become a thorny minefield of consumption, rage, heartbreak, and chocolate. It always seems you have two options: you can either protest or give in.

Or you can go the third way and define Valentine’s Day for yourself, celebrating everything you love. Not just romantic partners but friends, kids, mentors, and people you’ve never met but admire and appreciate. Excellent blogger Maria Sheila Riikonen has created a number of interactive Valentine’s cards that celebrate love between partners, but also between childhood friends and classmates. Her images are whimsical and joyful, tagged with a variety of songs, videos, pictures, and links.

So this Valentine’s day, you can sulk, pay too much for dinner, race to the drugstore and buy a card and box of candy at the last minute — or you can use ThingLink to create personalized messages for the people you love. No stuffed animal you snag at the last minute will deliver the same DIY message that a photo with links can provide.

Head over to ThingLink and create your personalized message now!

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