Introducing Image Discovery and Unlist Images

We have an important message for all ThingLink users about two new features we hope you love.

Starting Monday 21 May, we’re introducing image discovery on ThingLink by making is easier to find other images by each user.

When your ThingLink image is seen, we’ll also feature thumbnails of your other images. It’s how we’re making image discovery a click away. We’re also introducing a way for you to unlist an image you want to keep in draft mode.


Unlisting your images on

You find the “Make image unlisted” feature in the image editor of your tagged images.

Checking the box unlists the image and no one will see it on except for you and anyone who has the link. The image will of course still be visible on any other site that you may have tagged the image on.

Please unlist any images that you do not want to display on by 21 May.

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