ThingLink and MentorMob: Fun Tools for Interactive Learning

We really like MentorMob Learning Playlists which are easy for teachers and students to create, edit and share. MentorMob lets you organize and present content in creative ways and ThingLink images work beautifully inside MentorMob playlists.

Here are two ways to make ThingLink and MentorMob into super productive tools for the school year:

  1. Add MentorMob playlists into ThingLink images
  2. Add ThingLink images into MentorMob playlists.

Add MentorMob playlists into ThingLink interactive images
Transform any photo into an interactive learning experience. Drop a MentorMob playlist html link into any ThingLink tag and your playlist will appear inside the image.  This is a great way for teachers to feature multiple MentorMob playlists inside one image for presentations and lesson plans.

Touch and Discover this Solar System image which features a few MentorMob playlists.

Add ThingLink images into MentorMob playlists.

Want to organize a series of ThingLink images into one playlist? MentorMob is a great tool. One playlist can feature all the images from an entire class. When you’re editing a playlist of content, add a new step, then paste the html link from any ThingLink image and it will appear with all the tags inside your MentorMob playlist.

This playlist features interactive album covers by Van Halen, Haley Reinhardt, Keane and others. Listen to the music tracks on each image. Make your own and share with friends.

Here’s a playlist on ThingLink with links to posts and videos by Susan Oxnevad, an educator who is passionate about using technology as a tool for learning.

There many creative possibilities for teachers and students using ThingLink and MentorMob together. Thanks to Eric Pitt, the MentorMob team and Susan Oxnevad, a data and tech coach in Oak Park, IL, for these great resources.  Follow Susan’s work at Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners.

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