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ThingLink Unplugged to Extend Classroom Walls

ThingLink Unplugged to Extend Classroom Walls

This is the 6th post in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge series. Participants can join the challenge at any time by signing up.  After you sign up, you will receive an email invitation from ThingLink. View a list of all posts in this series at the bottom of each weekly challenge. Please visit our showcase page.

Please Tweet and share through social media with the hashtag #TLChallenge. Feel free to repost any of the challenges on your own blog and be sure to invite your friends and colleagues to participate.

Week 6: ThingLink Unplugged


In this activity you will

  • Download ThingLink mobile for iOS or Android and login with your teacher account.
  • Go outside and take pictures with your mobile device to create an interactive image on the go.
  • Share and publish your simple image on a Padlet yourself.




In this activity you will explore the use of the ThingLink App and a mobile device to capture and share life on the go as it happens without an Internet connection. Then when you reconnect you will publish the image yourself on a Padlet wall. This week’s goal is to enjoy and experience ThingLink’s  flexible options and use whatever device is handy at the moment to embrace learning opportunities outside of  the classroom walls.


ThingLink is an amazing tool for teaching and learning that is supported across platforms. This flexibility provides teachers and students with a variety of options to extend the learning beyond the classroom walls. The recent addition of the Android app, along with the existing iOS app and web based platform, completes the full circle of possibilities for creating and learning with interactive images.

When you get away from an Internet connection you can create content with the mobile app and store it locally on your individual device. Take a photo and tag it with another photo. Create a video interview right there, or simply annotate and record ideas through text. Think of it as an interactive notebook. 

There are many ways to engage students in  learning experiences that extends the walls of the classroom by going off the grid with ThingLink mobile and a handy device. Allow students to bring their own devices when they explore the world to encourage active participation and help them engage and connect with the learning in front of them. Students will discover new ways to mix up  their worlds and make it  personally meaningful. 


What is this tree?

created by by Ulla Engestrom and her children. Ulla is the Founder and CEO of ThingLink.


Allie’s Inquiry Unit

Created by Allie Herke

Interesting Plans and Animals

created by Amelia Hill

Simple Challenge: Directions at a Glance

  1. Make sure you have a ThingLink for Education account before working with the app.
  2. Download the app. fromLogin to the app on your mobile device with your ThingLink for Education login.
    1. Apps Store for iOS
    2. Google Play for Android.
  3. Go outside or away from an Internet connection and take pictures with your camera phone or tablet.
  4. Open ThingLink and choose a picture from your gallery.
  5. Tap the picture to tag image with a note or a question.
  6. Tap the picture and choose Add Media to add another image on top of  your image.Click Next to share to ThingLink.
    1. Take a closeup image of flower or leaves and add it to a picture of the whole plant.
    2. Tap the image to add a Text question


Add Your Interactive Image to Padlet

Use of a Padlet is a easy way to collect ThingLink Interactive images. Anyone can add a ThingLink to a Padlet easily without logging in. Try it yourself, then think of how easy it will be to ask students to turn in their own interactive images directly to the Padlet. Of course, do this part after you reconnect to the Internet, since Padlet is a free online tool.


Try It on Padlet

Here is an embedded version of  the wall. To contribute your own image, go to the wall, ThingLink Uplugged . The directions pictured above are also available for handy access right on the Padlet. 

  1. Select the Share icon on your image.
  2. Copy the link that appears.
  3. Go to Padlet and double tap to get a note. Type a title.
  4. Click on the link icon and paste the link into the box.


Classroom Connections and Modifications

Bring ThingLink Mobile on a Field Trip

Additional Help and Support

ThingLink Teacher Challenge at a Glance

Explore our Showcase

View our showcase page and watch it grow!

Next Week’s Challenge

Creatively Use Audio to Kickit it Up a Notch

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Susan Oxnevad
Susan Oxnevad strives to build a powerful network of educators who share a passion for using ThingLink to transform teaching and learning. In addition, she also hosts ThingLink webinars for educators and blogs about thoughtful ways to leverage the power of technology for teaching and learning on the ThingLink Blog for Education. Follow her on Twitter @soxnevad
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