ThingLink Announces 1 Million Creators for Interactive Images

ThingLink has reached a milestone of one million content creators. One of the fastest growing verticals over the past 6 months has been education, with a monthly growth rate of 30%. Teachers and students use ThingLink creatively to transform online images and videos into “learning modules.”

In 2014, ThingLink users have created more than 1.5 million interactive units with an average engagement rate of 55% and CTR of 5%. This content can be searched, curated, shared and remixed in the ThingLink Community and embedded to other social media and learning platforms. In October, 2014 alone, ThingLink images from over 100 countries generated 85 million views, 43 million link views, and 3 million clicks.

In addition to editorial and educational use, ThingLink has become a popular tool in brand advertising. Since January, 2014, more than 25,000 businesses and brands have signed up to ThingLink, opting to create engaging rich media images for websites, campaigns, and social media updates. At the same time, digital agencies are using ThingLink to speed up creation time for interactive content and taking advantage of ThingLink’s Premium and Corporate account to create bespoke interactive campaigns for their clients.

The next step is building ThingLink towards an ecosystem where content creators, consumers, and businesses connect around curated visual experiences. The same way in which people curate Spotify playlists, they can now add a collection of links on images. We have seen how well-curated interactive images and video can be tremendously engaging, and they certainly offer an alternative to textbooks or text-based web browsing and learning,” says ThingLink’s founder and CEO Ulla Engeström.

About ThingLink

Founded in 2010, ThingLink produces a tool where users can easily annotate online images and video with rich media links, creating interactive PR images, web sites, infographics, maps, magazines, catalogs, and – most recently via an acquisition of a St. Petersburg-based video annotation platform Smartag– interactive pop-up video. Content creators can follow engagement in real-time as the interactive images or video spreads across the web. Photo and video communities can use ThingLink Connect to integrate image or video annotation capabilities to their service. ThingLink has raised 3 million in venture funding, led by Helsinki-based VC firm Inventure Oy.

Now some music please! Enjoy this interactive poster of famous composers curated by ThingLink user Roger Gunn.


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