How ThingLink is Transforming Real Estate Listings: A New Take on the Traditional “Brochure” Using Image and Video Annotation

92% of home buyers start their search online by scanning hundreds of listing flyers that at some point start to feel all the same. By enriching property descriptions with interactive images and video you can make your pitch stand out and radically increase the time spent with your listings.

Here are 5 tips how ThingLink’s image and video annotation service can help communicate unique features of a property:

1. Explain the quality of used materials and appliances
When a property owner puts lots of time and effort in refurbishing a house with quality materials and embedded technology, you want to make sure that these details get the attention they deserve. Use ThingLink’s image annotation tool to highlight details with notes like in the image below. The ability to better understand a detail-rich image adds value to the potential buyer.

(created with ThingLink’s mobile app in 3 minutes)

2. Show Closeups Without Increasing the Total Number of Images
For many of us images have become the most important element of a listing flyer that define if the property is worth a closer look. A general guideline is to use between 2 to 6, but more than 6 images easily spills the beans. ThingLink makes it easy to zoom in details without “leaving the room”. This also works great for creating interactive maps of the neighbourhood.

3. Personalise Your Listing With Audio & Video and Tell a Better Story
There is a good amount of research on the effects that audio has on consumer behaviour so why not personalise your property description with tunes that turn your listing into a fun browsing experience..! ThingLink allows you to annotate images with audio and video links from services like Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify, Soundcloud and Audioboo to give them more character. With ThingLink’s real time metrics you will immediately see if viewers click the content or not.

4. Create Interactive Video Tours
There are TWO easy ways to create an awesome interactive video tour of your property:

Annotate an existing video
If you have an existing video of the property, you can annotate it with ThingLink’s video editor just like you annotate images. When viewer moves their mouse over an icon and clicks it, the video in the background pauses allowing to explore the additional information. Closing the popup window resumes the video.

A tour of One Hyde Park, London

Add video to images
Alternatively, you can embed several short videos in one image using ThingLink’s free iOS or Android app in three easy steps:

1. Take Photos – Using the mobile app, take pictures of each room.
2. Overlay Media – Tap the image and click “add media” to record a video description of each room.
3. Group Interactive Images – After you have saved images, you can group them into an interactive “brochure”.


In recent years, mobile searching activity for property has quadrupled, and in 2015, mobile search is projected to completely overtake desktop search. Using ThingLink to create interactive listings, flyers, and catalogs gives clients an opportunity to get a detail-rich browsing experience on their iPad and mobile phone.

Get Started

ThingLink’s new Pro account ($10 per month) allows agents to customize listings with their own branded icons. For video annotation, sign up to ThingLink’s Pro Plus ($50/month) or Whitelabel ($199/month). To arrange a call or a demo, email us at!

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