Full STEAM Ahead with ThingLink Creative Challenges in 2015

Over the course of the next few months we’ll be collecting, curating and encouraging our community to create science content to support Next Generation Science and STEAM. Many ThingLink users are creating wonderful content in the various categories of STEAM and we want to make it easier to discover and use content. We also want to engage our teacher and student community to contribute to the continuously growing database of interactive content.


We have successfully run 15 teacher challenges and recognize that this is a great way to bring together ThingLink educators across the country. Great news! We have made creative challenges an official part of ThingLink so that it is easy to participate and see others’ contributions.

Starting in January

We will run dedicated STEAM related creative challenges every month, inviting teachers and students to document and share their learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths via ThingLink.

Just as with Teacher Challenges, we will feature the best work at the end of each month making it easy for everyone to curate and collect the best interactive content.

Are you interested in Promoting ThingLink creative challenges in your community or becoming a sponsor for one of our creative challenges? Contact Susan@thinglink.com

  • January: Science
  • February: Engineering and Technology
  • March: Arts and Design
  • April: Math

Get Started

Join us in creating and curating the best NGSS aligned science images in January. We will collect content from three categories:

  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Earth and Space Science

Share a ThingLink

If you’ve created a ThingLink that fits into our categories, we invite you to share it for display in our channels of examples designed to inspire others. We are looking forward to creating a collection of the very best. Be sure to add a tag with information to credit yourself as a source.

Submit a ThingLink to Our Channel

Get inspired! Explore Some Examples

–>Submit your example to the ThingLink Creative Challenges.

Create a ThingLink

  • Create a curriculum Launcher with curated content to drive the learning
  • Capture Hands-on Learning with a photo and document learning by asking students to
  • annotate  the images through text, images, audio or video.
  • Facilitate a student driven learning activity fueled by research and creativity.

Learn to Create, Publish and Share Images

Stay tuned to the ThingLink Blog this month as we feature tips and tricks for making the most of working with students within your ThingLink EDU account. We’ll review flexible student signups, explore ways to leverage the power of working with groups, and learn about great features available with the app. Stay tuned to the ThingLink Blog this month and learn to Build Your ThingLink Classroom


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Susan Oxnevad
Susan Oxnevad strives to build a powerful network of educators who share a passion for using ThingLink to transform teaching and learning. In addition, she also hosts ThingLink webinars for educators and blogs about thoughtful ways to leverage the power of technology for teaching and learning on the ThingLink Blog for Education. Follow her on Twitter @soxnevad
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