Easily monetize your media with ThingLink custom apps

Many major brands and publishers are using ThingLink’s intuitive interface to easily monetize their image and video media through quick to add point-of-purchase links. ThingLink custom apps allow you to replace expensive and time consuming interactive builds while at the same time maintains the unique persona of your brand and website.

Manor, an international fashion retailer, sought to link their visual emotional pictures and their online shop. In order to match the look and feel of their brand, Manor collaborated with Takondi to develop a customized retail ThingLink app that empowers viewers to shop and purchase products directly within their visual media. Explore the image above to see the tag in action. 

Lets take a deeper look into this use case and learn how it was accomplished by Manor and Takondi.

How do you easily monetize your media? 

  1. Get started by signing up for our free developer account.  We have a full technical breakdown of app development designed to walk you through the app creation process.
  2. Store your product’s data on a database that is on the same server as the ThingLink app.  This will allow you to deliver the title, image, price and availability of your products as quickly as possible.
  3. Use live queries or a CSV file to frequently extract your data from it’s database for display in the ThingLink app.


This sounds perfect for my brand, but what value does it bring me? 

  1. Measurable data: when a user clicks on the content of the ThingLink app, they are redirected to the your product page providing trackable data on how many people are visiting your website after clicking your product tags.
  2. Drive revenue: images and videos now represent digital storefronts for Manor and other like-minded brands to increase sales and customer bases.
  3. Better process: tagging is done separately from the database and the website itself. For example, the product data can change at the same time as the web design.
  4. Quick turnaround: upload, tag and embed media onto your pages in minutes.
  5. Customization: full control of the design and functionality of your tags – the creative possibilities are endless.


We are always available for assistance. Kindly drop a note to support@thinglink.com with any questions about ThingLink custom apps.

If you’re a brand interested in learning more about how custom apps created with ThingLink could benefit your monetization goals, please contact us at sales@thinglink.com.

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