Introducing Instagram Profile Tag

Most of our users have awesome Instagram profiles, and in the past months we have seen impressive visuals created by ThingLink publishers combining infographics with individual Instagram images.

Adding to our family of 70+ rich media tags, we are now excited to announce our new Instagram profile tag that allows readers to view Instagram user profiles directly within images and videos. This gives publishers and brands the opportunity to tell engaging visual stories with a rich combination of media resources.

Possible use cases:

– Sports: embed audio, video, and social media tags in blog updates or introduce players and teams with links to their social media pages









– Music: embed Youtube, iTunes, and social media tags to fan images.
(image by Stache Media)



– Fashion: combine eCommerce links with notes and Instagram closeups. Create interactive PR images with links to social media profiles. (Image by Finish Line)

What is the rich media tag you would like to see on ThingLink? Drop us an email to!

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