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a Rubik's Cube Deconstructed

In September, ThingLink EDU partnered with Ed Charlwood to launch the Product Deconstruction Challenge. Ed is the Head of Design and Director of Digital Learning at an Independent school in West London. His idea was to design a global creative challenge for students to learn about everyday products we use by taking them apart. Today we are pleased to share a growing collection of interactive images that have been submitted by students for the Product Deconstruction Challenge.

What is the Product Deconstruction Challenge?

The goal of the Product Deconstruction Challenge is to learn about the hidden world of products by taking them apart to understand how they are designed, made and used. Inspired by the work of photographer Todd McLellan from his collection, Things Come Apartstudents are encouraged to deconstruct products by taking them apart and taking a picture of the pieces. Then they annotate the parts with media rich ThingLink tags as they discover what the products are made of and why they are the way they are. This is a great way to use ThingLink as a tool for constructing knowledge through research and documenting learning.

Explore a Channel of Products Deconstructed for the Challenge

Explore this channel of interactive images to view the growing collection of student work submitted to this Creative Challenge. Click on the icons to appreciate the higher level learning that occurs when students are provided with access to tech tools that seamlessly support the learning process, such as ThingLink EDU.

Enter to Win a Prize

Round 1 of this Creative Challenge runs through December 4, 2015. One winner will receive a prize of a Pro Tech Toolkit, generously donated by iFixIt.

Take the Product Deconstruction Challenge

Explore this interactive image to read the original post with criteria and details about this creative challenge by clicking on the book icon. View entries submitted and submit your own interactive image by clicking on the creative challenge icon. Sign up to receive updates by email by clicking on the pencil icon. We hope you will join us in the Product Deconstruction Challenge this fall!    

Learn to Transform Student Learning with ThingLink EDU

Want to learn how you can transform student learning in your district, schools and classrooms with ThingLink EDU? Request a customized demo with Susan, an experienced teacher, tech coach and connected educator who specializes in seamless technology integration.

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