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Get Started with the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge

Get Started with the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge

Welcome to the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge! The first lesson is designed to help all participants learn to explore and create while you engage in constructive play. You will also begin to connect with others by Designing Your Digital Self with ThingLink. Those interactive images will be added to the 360 map you see at the top of the page. Let’s begin!

Week 1: Tag it!

We will use the 360 map below to follow the steps to complete week 1 of the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge. When you are ready to navigate through the 360 image, click the symbol in the upper right corner to view full screen, then follow the numbers.

Follow the steps through the numbered icons on the 360 image or use the overview of steps beneath the 360 map!

Overview of Steps with Associated Icons:

Start Icon: Welcome to the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge

  1. Get Started: Design Your Digital Self
    Arrow icon: Transition to example of Digital Self with a link to directions to create your own.
    At the end of the slideshow, click the link to return to the 360 map and proceed to Step 2.
  2. Copyright: Learn to provide proper attribution for images.
    CC icon: View a link to the CC license for this image and look below to see how to appropriately credit a source. Include the author’s name and a link back to the original work.
  3. Upload a 360 Image and Tag it! 
    -Add your Digital Self
    -Create a very simple interactive 360/VR Map with tags to demonstrate something you know about. Keep it simple to experience the ease of use of the tool. Later we will create lessons that go more depth into content.
    -Try adding a tag to credit the source of this image. Use my example if you wish or design your own attribution tag.
    -We will not be sharing these images, they are yours to practice with.
  4. Data Collection: Complete the checkless to self-assess your learning and provide feedback used for planning and reteaching.
  5. Q & A: Questions submitted will be answered and published on a Google Doc that has been embedded into the 360 World Map. This doc will be ongoing throughout the challenge.

Prep for Week 2: Vocabulary Across All Languages

Week 2 is expected to be launched very soon. To prepare to create an interactive 360/VR lesson, you will want to spend some time searching for images and continuing to think about attribution. Here are 3 suggested resources:

360 Images for Schools, a Flickr group by Kathy Schrock

If you have a camera or app capable of taking 360 images, please join Kathy’s group to contribute your properly licensed photos for reuse for education. You may also use any of the images submitted by educators, but we hope you will explore ways to create your own images and contribute them to the group as well. Kathy has a treasure trove of expertise and advice and the group is clearly organized to help educators embrace 360 photography so please spend some time on Kathy’s site.

Equirectangular Flicker Group

This group has 17.9 equirectangular images that have been resized with the correct ration of 2:1. This means these images are sized correctly and ready for uploading. Please explore this page when searching for images.

Images for Remixing

We will give you the opportunity to remix one of our 360 images for the vocabulary activity as well.

Speak Up!

Hopefully, you’ve taken the opportunity to complete the forms embedded in the 360 Map. There are places for feedback built in. If you have questions or need help, please email support@ThingLink.com.


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Susan Oxnevad
Susan Oxnevad strives to build a powerful network of educators who share a passion for using ThingLink to transform teaching and learning. In addition, she also hosts ThingLink webinars for educators and blogs about thoughtful ways to leverage the power of technology for teaching and learning on the ThingLink Blog for Education. Follow her on Twitter @soxnevad
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