5 Reasons to go Back-to-School with ThingLink

Throughout the summer, teachers have been busy piloting the use of ThingLink 360/VR to explore great ways to use our newest tool in the classroom. We’re excited about the possibilities that exist for engaging students in learning like never before. To celebrate, we’re having a BACK2SCHOOL sale! Please consider 5 reasons to go back-to-school with ThingLink this fall.

Exploring Pearl Harbor, a vocabulary activity created by Christi Collins for the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge

Immerse Students in Learning

ThingLink is a cross-platform suite of tools that is well suited to be used across all content areas and grade levels because every ThingLink starts with an image. Those images come alive when tags with text, video, audio and integrated 3rd party tools are added, providing the ability to turn any image into an immersive interactive learning journey.

Lessons can be customized to meet the individual needs of students through the use of differentiated resources that support unique learning styles. Lessons can also be designed to target specific standards and instructional goals. Enjoy the ability to include built-in assessment through the use of integrated 3rd party tools, that are readily available and commonly found in educators’ existing toolkits.

Educators can create their own lessons, or they can access ready-made lessons available through our app or website. These lessons are created by a team of educators and the are released monthly.

Embrace the 4 C’s

ThingLink allows students and teachers to tell  media-rich digital stories by adding text, images and media tags on top of a base image. This process encourages students to construct knowledge as they create, requiring them to engage in research to  populate the tags with information.  Anyone who has ever created a ThingLink will probably agree that creating a ThingLink makes us all a little smarter! A completed ThingLink can be used as an assessment tool, or it can serve as an artifact for a student ePortfolio.

Anyone who has ever created a ThingLink will probably agree that creating a ThingLink makes us all a little smarter! A completed ThingLink can be used as an assessment tool, or it can serve as an artifact for a student ePortfolio to demonstrate learning, progress and growth..

Promote Higher Level Thinking Skills

Since higher order skills are best learned at the human level, educators can redesign face-to-face instructional time to embrace the 360/VR experience.

One implementation strategy is to utilize a flipped-classroom approach, allowing students to explore 360/VR lessons online using their own devices outside of the classroom. When they return to the brick and mortar learning environment they can bring common experiences with them so they are prepared to collaborate, solve real world problems, and create. This type of engaging homework might just put an end to those worksheets, as the restructured learning environment sets the tone to maximize classroom instructional time.

Build Your Own Collection of Curriculum-Aligned Interactive Lessons

As the race to bring affordable, high-quality digital content to schools escalates, ThingLink offers an extremely powerful solution. With ready-made content, as well as the ability to easily create customized content, our suite of tools has been designed to appeal to educators at every level of tech integration. At the same time, use of ThingLink lessons provides students with the types of learning experiences they need to meet the demands of  learning and living in a digital world.

Take Advantage of Back-to-School Pricing at 10% Off

All plans for individual educators are available for quick and easy purchase through our website. Use the coupon code BACK2SCHOOL to apply a 10% discount code at checkout.

How to Add ThingLink 360/VR to your toolkit

Our brand new Premium Teacher plan provides one teacher, 5 classes, and up to 500 students with full access to our entire suite of tools, including 360/VR image editing. This plan is available for 10% off with the coupon code BACK2SCHOOL. You can enter the code in the box at checkout to see the discount reflected at purchase.

Educators with our current $35.00 paid teacher plan can Upgrade to our new Premium Teacher Plan for the difference in price and enjoy the benefits of

  • ThingLink Pro Features (formerly called ThingLink Premium)
  • ThingLink 360/VR Image Editing
  • ThingLink Video
  • Access to ready-made lessons for use with students

Find the Upgrade button in your dashboard after logging in to your ThingLink account. If you need assistance, please contact support@thinglink.com.

Get ThingLink Education for Your School or District

We offer customized and affordable pricing for schools and districts. Please complete the handy form below to request a quote. We would love to set up a demo with your school or district to facilitate conversations about ways ThingLink can help you meet your organization’s teaching and learning needs.

Learn More About ThingLink for Education

Explore our EDU Tour to listen to 360/VR pioneers share one of their first 360/VR lessons. Engage with an interactive ThingLink Video overview of ThingLink and explore lessons created by teacher test pilots this summer during the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge. Take the EDU tour.


Please contact us at support@thinglink.com.


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