Best of Education: 2016

In 2016 we released a ton of new features including audio tags, custom rich tags, and of course our 360° editor. Those features have been put to amazing use by our education community creating resources, lessons, tours, and more. So as we start 2017 let’s look back at the amazing work created in 2016.

Multi-media 360° art history: Walking the Rondo in Venice 

Education media from Popular ScienceMachines of the Abyss

University virtual tour: Northumbria Newcastle City Campus


Digital skills: Metro Map of Lines and Stations 


Eye to eye with science: Bee Hive 

Ornithology: Why do Starlings flock in murmurations?

360° group project: Fairy Tales

Breaking down ecosystems: Organization of Living Things

Listen and learn: Our Solar System

Get ready for the holidays: Child Safety


Roadtrip 360°: Mount Rushmore

Imagine with NDSEG: Could we live on the Moon?

 Let’s take this inspiration into 2017 and create even more new and exciting material. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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