Turn Up the Volume on Creativity with Audio Tags

Are you looking for inspiration for ways to use ThingLink in the classroom? Here are some ways to turn up the volume on creativity with audio tags.

You can create audio tags with both of our paid plans – Pro and Premium. With audio tags, you can take ‘interactive’ to a whole new level! Add narration, nature sounds, interviews, sound effects, or music for a truly engaging educational experience. Audio tags will play when you hover your mouse over the tag – no clicking required!

Explore Our Example

In this example by NDC Mediagroep, hovering over the different birds in the image reveals the song of each individual bird. This is a great way to learn interactively, by exploring and listening.


Now that you’ve learned all about audio tags it’s time to get started! If you don’t yet have the feature you can purchase a plan that includes it here. If you want to learn more about how to use this and all our other features, schedule a demo with a ThingLink expert. Happy Tagging!

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