How to Build a ThingLink 360 Breakout!

We are excited about our community’s interest in creating ThingLink 360 Breakout activities! This post is designed to help participants create their own interactive activity.

Each of the images you see below is a ThingLink with more information about the topic. Please continue to tweet questions to Dan Gallagher @gallagher_tech or send an email to We will update the images below based on FAQs!

Get Started: Join Dan’s Group

All participants must complete the form below to sign up to participate in the ThingLink 360 Breakout Challenge and gain access to the #TL_Breakout group. After submitting the form, please expect a reply via email with the Join Code for Dan’s group. Everyone who joins the group will inherit Dan’s Premium Teacher Features and gain access to the 360 tag editor for the duration of this mini ThingLink  Teacher Challenge.


Find a 360 Image for Use

Join our Webinar to Take a Closer Look

There are a handful of ways to find an image for Breakout 360 or anytime you want to tell an interactive digital story.  To learn more about finding and working with 360 images, we hope you will register for our webinar Great Ways to Find & Create 360 Images for ThingLink 360/VR Sign up to participate live on March 13th @ 7 pm EST OR register for access to the archived recording.



One of the easiest ways to add tags to a 360 image is to remix an existing ThingLink. Click the Remix link below anyone else’s ThingLink 360 to make a copy for your own modification and reuse. You can modify existing tags, delete them, or add you own tags.


Take 360 Photos with a Camera or App

Using a Camera

We are pleased to see the number of 360 cameras growing rapidly. ThingLink 360 will work with any 360 image as long as it has a 2:1 aspect ratio and fits size requirements, listed below. We’ve optimised our 360 media editor to work seamlessly with the Ricoh Theta camera. If you are using a camera that’s well-suited for schools, please send a quick note to to tell us more about it!


Use Street View to Take Capture 360 Photos

If you would like to try taking your own photos with your iPhone or Android phone, you can use the Google Street View app


Sharing 360 Images for Reuse for Schools

Kathy Schrock has created a Flickr group to serve as a repository for 360 images licensed for resuse for schools. We invite everyone with a 360 camera to join Kathy’s group, learn about licensing your image for reuse for schools, and share it for everyone’s benefit!


Upload a 360 Image to ThingLink 360

Click the Create button at the top of the screen. Be sure to select the bottom button to upload a 360 image.


Resize 360 Images

If your 360 image fails to upload to ThingLink, you will see the explanation in red below the image. 360 images, or equirectangular images, need to have a 2:1 aspect ratio and the maximum width must be 5376 pixels or less.  If your image does not meet the requirement, you can resize it. Explore the image below to learn how to resize a 360 photo.


Add Tags to Your ThingLink 360

Multimedia Clues

Once your 360 image is available in ThingLink you are ready to add clues on top of multimedia rich tags. You can upload images with text, upload video and audio, embed YouTube or Google Maps and more.


Add Tags with Embedded Google Forms

Just copy and paste the code into the ThingLink 360 media editor.


Turn it In

We ask that you take a moment to turn your ThingLink 360 Breakout activity through this Form. In exchange, you will receive a badge and invitation to share during our Breakout 360 webinar on March. 30th @ 6 pm EST.

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