Teleport 360° Editor App Takes 360/VR Image Creation To The Next Level

Christi CollinsWe are pleased to feature a Friday guest post by Christi Collins, a  talented ThingLink Certified Educator who teaches 5th grade Language Arts at Virginia Virtual Academy. Christi has been exploring the power of ThingLink for many years, and she has been featured on this blog and in webinars frequently. Please enjoy Christi’s Teleport360 Editor App review.

The Teleport 360° Editor app is a must-have for creating high quality, interactive VR lessons that both teachers and students can use with ease.

I recently had the opportunity to explore Thinglink’s new Teleport 360 Editor app for 360/VR and all I can say is, Wow!  Among my favorite tech tools, Thinglink has always been my go-to tool for creating interactive lessons that keep my students engaged and excited to learn. Teleport 360° takes virtual reality to a whole new level by allowing teachers and students to easily create an interactive, virtual lesson containing images, videos, audio, annotations and more from a 360 image with your iPad.  I thought it might be helpful to share my first experience in using this app, just to show you how user-friendly and rewarding this process was for me.

Getting Started with the Teleport 360 Editor App

To get started, all you need is a Thinglink Premium Teacher or School subscription. Once you have a Premium account, you can head over to the App store for Apple/iOS devices and download the free Teleport 360° Editor app to your iPad.  If you happen to have an Android user, this amazing app will soon be available in the Google Play Store.

I was amazed by the simplicity of this app.  After downloading the app, I was able to quickly sign-in using my Thinglink Premium login and password.  Almost immediately, a collection of familiar images appeared on the left side of the screen and I quickly realized I had access to my own personal library of 360° images that I had added to my Thinglink account. I also had the option to upload images from my iPad, or I could choose from a gallery full of high-quality professional images provided by Thinglink.

Here’s How Teleport 360 Editor App Works

Upload an image or choose from the library of professional quality images on topics ranging from U.S. Cities to weather patterns and more. For experimental purposes, I chose to use an image of The Statue of Liberty from my personal Thinglink collection.


Next, you will need to add tags, which allow you to make annotations, add images, embed videos, audio and more to create an interactive lesson or story within your 360° image for your students to interact with and enjoy.  In the image below, I added my own custom icons that I created in Google Drawings (60 x 60 pixels) to give my tags a patriotic look and feel.


The image below provides you with a view of what you will see when you click to add a tag.  Once you click the white “+” symbol to add a tag, you will be provided with the option to add an image, upload videos, embed content, or even create transitions to additional Thinglink lessons you have created.  To add a custom icon, I clicked on the blue “+” symbol on the left and uploaded the icon I had created in Google Drawing.


Once you have added tags to your image, click “Save & Exit”.  Now you are ready to share your lesson with anyone you choose. You can share it via la ink, create a student group and share it to your group or embed it on your website.


If you have not had the opportunity to try out this awesome new app, you definitely need to check it out and give it a try. The Teleport 360° Editor app is a must-have for creating high quality, interactive VR lessons that both teachers and students can use with ease.  It has now become a new personal favorite that has been added to my tech toolbox.

About the Author

badge-colored-300x300-1Christi Collins is a Thinglink Certified Educator who teaches 5th grade Language Arts at Virginia Virtual Academy. She is also an online adjunct instructor at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise/Center for Teaching Excellence.  Prior to accepting a teaching position at Virginia Virtual Academy, she worked as an elementary school teacher at Wise County Schools for 14 years.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, going to concerts, presenting at EdTech conferences and doing instructional design work.  She currently holds a Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology and lives in Virginia with her husband and three children.


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