Image of the Week: Practicing English in a Virtual Reality Experience

When learning another language, especially one as complex as English, it helps to communicate with others. Creating a virtual ‘meetup’ where your students can ask and answer questions with other English speaking individuals creates an authentic opportunity to learn. Our image of the week comes to us all the way from Israel, specifically Gali’s Global Class.

Gali tagged a 360° photo with a variety of items like Google Forms, an embedded Doc, and Flipgrid (a video response tool). Her objective was to have her students start to use the present simple tense of verbs. Now anyone can respond to the questions:

  • do you have a hobby?
  • what do you do on your weekends?
  • what games do you like to play?

Learning Standards to Support Student Created Virtual Reality

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Dan Gallagher
Dan Gallagher is a longtime ThingLink Certified Educator who is now ThingLink's Education Social Media Specialist. This position oversees @ThingLink_Edu and assists with contributions to the blog. Dan is a Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology with the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District in NJ where he shows teachers how to integrate technology into their instruction.
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