ThingLink Teacher Summer Challenge: Week 2 in Review

Explore Hawaii State Capitol - Mauka Entrance - Virtual Field Trip by Leilani Sills

We are pleased to share a channel of activities submitted be participants during the second week of our self-paced summer professional learning. As more activities are submitted, they will be added to this slideshow.Please explore the activities through the channel below and learn more about channels so you can curate your own resources.

Explore a Channel of Interactive Virtual Field Trips

Learn More About Channels

ThingLink Channels have a few differents purposes. In this case, the Channel above is a collection of individual images that have been woven into a slideshow. This is a quick and easy way to assemble a slideshow, but Channels are also a great organizational tool.

Clicking on the link to view the Channel on ThingLink will open up opportunities to explore any of the images in the Channel without having to scroll through the slideshow. This is also a way to create your own collections of 360 images.

  1. Click on the link to view the Channel on Virtual Field Trip
  2. This is the full-screen slideshow view. It takes you through each slide in the order that it was added to the Channel. This is a great way to showcase students work.
  3. Focus your attention on the icons in the upper left corner. Select the icon pictured below to view the image list,  all of the interactive images in the Channel.

Channel Views

Get Teacher Challenge Resources

The ThingLink Teacher Challenge poster and task cards were created with ThingLink Premium, using our regular image editor and EDU icons. All of these features are included in your Premium Teacher Account.

The poster and task cards serve as a place to document the learning and growth of this summer of learning. Watch these resources grow!

Click the magnifying glass icon to view the Task Card for each activity. On each task card, you will find

  1. A Google Doc with step-by-step directions.
  2. FAQs: A set of slides we are building to answer questions as they come in.
  3. A grid with tutorials and support documentation to help you complete each of the steps.
  4. The channel of curated 360/VR images collected for each week’s challenge.
  5. A link to our Teacher Challenge Support page.

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