Image of the Week: Bringing Media to a Graphic Organizer

Sometimes a movie clip, an image, or an audio track can explain a point or idea better than our words. Graphic Organizers, on paper, can be limiting in this regard. Our image of the week comes to us from a great ThingLink educator: Brandi Argentar.

Brandi, has taken a graphic organizer which many teachers have used with students and set it as the background image for a ThingLink interactive image. Now her students can tag with all kinds of media, not just text.

Learning Standards to Support

  • ISTE Standards for Educators 6d (Facilitator)
    • Model and nurture creativity and creative expression to communicate ideas, knowledge or connections.

Try turning a graphic organizer into an interactive digital organizer, then share it on Twitter tagging @ThingLink_EDU

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Dan Gallagher
Dan Gallagher is a longtime ThingLink Certified Educator who is now ThingLink's Education Social Media Specialist. This position oversees @ThingLink_Edu and assists with contributions to the blog. Dan is a Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology with the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District in NJ where he shows teachers how to integrate technology into their instruction.
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