Using ThingLink & Breakout EDU for Review – A Winning Combo!

by Venetia Ricchio

Who says reviewing has to be drudgery? I’ve always dreaded reviewing for tests because it was hard to keep my students engaged.  Not anymore!

Now, I look forward to reviewing using the digital breakouts on ThingLink. Breakout EDU and ThingLink cover the four C’s; collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication. ThingLink bumps it up a notch by adding stunning visuals, and music to make each activity incredibly engaging. The program is so versatile; you can embed just about anything in a ThingLink, including Google Apps, Jigsaw planet and more!

It all began when I was at a district EdCamp. I saw Dan Gallagher‘s post on Twitter, featuring a breakout EDU on a 360 picture using ThingLink. Other teachers gathered around my phone to look at it. We felt inspired! I said,“I want to do that.” I also participated in theThingLink Breakout EDU challenge in March 2016, and these breakouts have since become my “go to” lessons for reviewing for tests. The students really enjoy them, and ask, “When can we do another breakout?”

ThingLink 360 Breakout, by Dan Gallagher

Creating ThingLink 360 Breakouts EDU at SDCUE17

Just recently I presented “Breakout EDU Investigation” at SDCUE17 in San Diego CA with my colleague Estefania Hernandez. Using ThingLink, 360 pictures, and a variety of Apps, we created a CSI-themed Breakout. There was one non-digital clue that involved the outline of a body and a UV flashlight.

Participants were very excited to solve the puzzle and to play around with ThingLink afterward. They were even given the opportunity to use the premium editor and create their own Thinglink! As an added bonus, ThingLink gave away a free premium account to one of the participants. They also sent us some “swag” (stickers, pens etc). Everyone enjoyed the session and came away with lots of new ideas for their classroom.


BreakoutEDU with Venetia Ricchio

Pictures from SDCUE17 in San Diego, Ca. on November 4th, 2017


venetia_ricchio, ThingLink Certified EducatorVenetia Ricchio is a high school Integrated Math teacher in Montclair, CA. She is a ThingLink Certified Educator who has created several Digital Breakouts with ThingLink 360. She is also Google Certified and Nearpod Certified. Connect with  @Bellagio594  on Twitter.


“I love using Thinglink in the classroom to engage my students and create excitement in my lessons! ”



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