Fun at FETC18 with Ricoh and ThingLink

FETC 2018

Last week we got the opportunity to team up with the Ricoh Corporation at FETC to showcase the combined power of the Ricoh Theta line of 360 cameras with ThingLink 360/VR.  There was a lot of excitement from the steady stream of educators who stopped by our booth.  We enjoyed great conversations and ideas that evolved around great ways to leverage the power of these tools for teaching and learning.

Swimming with the Manatees

When Cindy Parks stopped by the booth to meet us, she was highly interested in the waterproof case that fits over any model Ricoh Theta 360 camera. She had just been swimming with the manatees and wished she had the chance to take an underwater shot. We couldn’t agree more and hope to inspire Cindy and more of our community members to share some underwater shots for cloning and tagging on ThingLink.

Cindy Parks


Fun with Kathy Schrock

Kathy Schrock was excited to catch up with us at the Ricoh booth and get her hands on the new Ricoh Theta V. Her excitement soon gathered a crowd and she jumped in to help educators understand how to leverage the power of a Ricoh Theta camera with ThingLink. We always enjoy spending time with Kathy and the magic she brings with her. We appreciated Kathy sending so many educators our way and stopping by the booth each day.


Session Highlights: From Consumption to Creation: Integrating Augmented & Virtual Reality

Jen and Brian Cauthers gave a powerful presentation to a room full of inspired educators on Thursday titled From Consumption to Creation: Integrating Augmented & Virtual Reality. Their session demonstrated the power of combining tools to build powerful learning opportunities that encourage student creativity.

Explore the Wetlands

Jen shared the digital story of the NY Wetlands that surround her school. She started by taking a 360 image with her Ricoh Theta camera, uploaded it to ThingLink and added tags with media, text, and 3rd party tools to tell the story and engage students in place-based learning. This project has been featured on this blog. Read the full story here.

Take a 360 Ride on a Rollercoaster

Brian truly amazed us with the 360 video he added to ThingLink’s video editing tool. On the big screen right in front of our eyes, we took a ride to the top of a rollercoaster via 360 video and just before we went over the top, a ThingLink tag appeared to ask a question! We appreciate Brian and Jen pushing the bubble and are quite happy to be able to continue to work with the talented team of educators. Thank you, #TeamCauthers for sharing your talents!

360 Video Rollercoaster


Explore, Modify and Create Virtual Field Trips and Tours

We’re rounding up educators interested in learning to create virtual tours and field trips. If you would like to join us, please take a moment to fill out the form. We’ll be hosting an online event in February designed to Explore, Modify and Create Virtual Field Trips. We hope you join us?



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Susan Oxnevad
Susan Oxnevad strives to build a powerful network of educators who share a passion for using ThingLink to transform teaching and learning. In addition, she also hosts ThingLink webinars for educators and blogs about thoughtful ways to leverage the power of technology for teaching and learning on the ThingLink Blog for Education. Follow her on Twitter @soxnevad
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