ThingLink, Meet Ourboox!

ThingLink + Pirboox
by Mel Rosenberg, Guest Author

Last July I met Ulla Engeström, CEO and co-founder of ThingLink, at a conference in Portugal. I had the best introduction to ThingLink possible! As co-founder of Ourboox, a simple platform for creating and sharing interactive digital picture books, the first thing that crossed my mind was, well, crossing platforms. In other words, was it possible to embed a ThingLink scene in one of our e-books? On the spot, we began to create an e-book together on the Ourboox platform.

ThingLink + Ourboox

View book on Ourboox

It was super-easy to embed a three dimensional scene as a page in the book using the ThingLink embed code.  

But was the reverse true? Alas, last summer it wasn’t. I recently discovered that our books have now become wonderfully embeddable on ThingLink as well! I rushed to prepare my first interactive scene (below). Each hotspot reveals one of my children’s books (yes, I should have mentioned that I am an avid children’s book writer).


This makes me very excited for the following reason. ThingLink has become what I call a “superconnector”, a site which facilitates embedding of content from a wide range of websites and platforms. At the same time, scenes from ThingLink can be embedded in other interactive platforms (such as Ourboox). This is opening up a whole new world of possible cross-platform collaborations. Perhaps it is not surprising that more and more teachers are embedding scenes from ThingLink in Ourboox, including this highly popular new book from a teacher in Bulgaria!  

Ouboox + ThingLink

View on Ourboox

I recently saw Ulla’s presentation at the HundrED Innovation Summit. She said that “Digital Storytelling is a Fundamental Skill in 21st century education”. I couldn’t agree more. I’m hoping that more and more teachers and students will create wonderful scenes onThingLink and amazing storybooks on Ourboox – and will make the connections!

About the Author

Mel Rosenberg is a scientist, educator, inventor and author. From 1983 until 2009 he was Lecturer and subsequently Professor of Microbiology at Tel Aviv University, where he studied the microbiology of bad breath and invented several products. He is currently at Shenkar College, where he curates the Keter Innovation Center, lectures on creativity and career success and serves as Advisor to the President on student affairs. In 2014, together with Ran Shternin, he launched, a simple platform for creating and sharing online content in picture book format. He has written numerous children’s books and penned several animated TED-Ed lessons. Mel is an avid singer and musician, and has, for the past seven years, given a popular academic course on the evolution of sixties music.





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