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3 Reasons to Book Your ThingLink Bootcamp

3 Reasons to Book Your ThingLink Bootcamp

A ThingLink Bootcamp ticket includes a 1-year Premium  subscription to help you naturally assume the role of invested stake-holder in your own learning throughout this powerful 6-hour session.

ThingLink 360/VR Bootcamps provide professional development opportunities for educators interested in shifting student learning experiences from consumption to creation. This day of learning is powered by pedagogy and designed to help educators learn to create interactive images, 360 images and videos to engage students in the 4c’s and capture learning. As educators prepare for end of year projects and make room for summer learning expeditions,  it’s a busy time of year for Bootcamp planning as well. We would like to remind you about 3 reasons to book your ThingLink Bootcamp.


Get a Jumpstart on the Learning!

At this time of year most educators can see the light at the end of the tunnel known as summer break, a time when many of us can engage more fully in professional development and growth. Getting a jumpstart on the learning at a ThingLink Bootcamp will provide you with skills and ideas you may have never dreamed of plus time in the summer to create. Why not capture learning on the go as you travel through summer adventures near and far? Create a museum tour on the go, put together a 360 tour of a garden, or capture a concert. Or, you can stay inside on the hottest days of days and create a 360 tour on any topic from the comfort of your home. Explore a selection of virtual field trips created by our Bootcamp Grads and more talented educatorsand consider the possibilities of designing your own interactive images and student projects.



Develop a Framework for Seamless Integration

Our 360/VR Bootcamps help educators feel confident and prepared to seamlessly integrate ThingLink 360/VR into the classroom. We start with an introduction to 360/VR in education to develop a common framework for understanding the design process. Then we take a close look at how to leverage the power of ThingLink 360/VR, starting at each attendee’s comfort level.  Our training is intentionally aligned to the SAMR model  and our tools have been built to support effective teaching at each level of tech integration. Explore this interactive image to see how teachers can integrate ThingLink 360/VR in meaningful ways into instruction at each level, from augmentation to redefinition. ThingLink was built to start at your level and grow with you!



Continue to Learn & Grow

The biggest challenge in any professional development session is in getting participants to find the time to bring the learning back to the classroom and continue to learn and grow.  Since Bootcamp participants have a 1-year Premium account for themselves and their students, we encourage our Bootcamp Grads to participate in ongoing PD throughout the year. We offer webinars featuring the work of Bootcamp grads who want to showcase their work,  and we also offer webinars on hot edtech topics of interest. We offer online events ilke the Annual ThingLink Teacher Summer Challenge, and we offer mini challenges  during the school year.. We regularly feature thoughtful guest posts on this blog from educators sharing and reflecting on the work they are doing in education. We offer the ThingLink Certified Educators Leadership Program for attendees who wish to become experts and help others learn to leverage the power of ThingLink in schools and universities. We want our participants to be successful, and we are committed to helping you succeed, learn, and grow.

Additional Bootcamp Benefits

  • Unlock the power of your teaching and leverage the power of your available devices by embracing interactive 360/VR content creation.
  • Connect with local educators to learn, share and develop expertise.
  • Explore opportunities  to participate in train-the-trainer and join our leadership team of ThingLink Certified Educators in teaching others to incorporate ThingLink into teaching and learning.
  • Develop local expertise and connect with others in your geographic location to unlock opportunities for bringing 360/VR to mainstream education.

Registration is Open!

We offer Bootcamps for institutions and also offer options to schedule Bootcamps that are open for public registration. We are currently scheduling Bootcamps for the upcoming months and our calendar is filling up. If you are interested in bringing a Bootcamp in  to embrace ThingLink 360/VR into your teaching, please take a moment to fill out our form below to request a demo, or email susan@thinglink.com to start a conversation. If you are looking to attend one of our Bootcamps that is open for public registration, we hope you can make it to one of the sessions listed below.

April 25, 2018 – Virginia

Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center Abingdon, VA 24210

May 12, 2018 – Massachusetts

UMass Dartmouth’s Kaput Center for Research and Innovation, Fairhaven, MA 02719

Bring a Bootcamp to Your Backyard!

We truly enjoy working with educators near and far, to help develop talent, explore passions, collect important feedback, and share in the excitement about the powerful possibilities of teaching and learning with ThingLink. We’re always talking with educators interested in participating in Bootcamps or bringing them in. To request a demo to learn how easy it is to bring a ThingLink 360 VR Bootcamp to your backyard, please take a moment to complete the form.

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Susan Oxnevad
Susan Oxnevad strives to build a powerful network of educators who share a passion for using ThingLink to transform teaching and learning. In addition, she also hosts ThingLink webinars for educators and blogs about thoughtful ways to leverage the power of technology for teaching and learning on the ThingLink Blog for Education. Follow her on Twitter @soxnevad
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