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An Immersive Approach to Learning About Medieval Allegories with ThingLink 360/VR

An Immersive Approach to Learning About Medieval Allegories with ThingLink 360/VR

by Licia Landi

Italian ThingLink Certified Educator Licia Landi has created a ThingLink 360 tour to help her 10th-grade students develop a new approach to Medieval allegories by actively engaging them in the learning process through immersive storytelling. Explore this interactive 360 image and be sure to click the book icon to learn more about the learning goals for this project.

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An Interactive Book created with Ourboox

Licia has published an interactive book to tell the story of the cathedrals on Ourboox. This book features the live ThingLink 360 tour embedded right on the last page.  Please explore this Ourboox.

When allegories were written in books of stones: the Medieval
Cathedral of Verona, by Licia Landi

Medieval Cathedrals of Verona

Read this book on Ourboox

About the Author

Licia LandiLicia Landi is a lecturer at the University of Verona (Italy) and an Edtech Specialist. An expert on ICT, she works as a researcher in VR Multimedia Didactics of Classics. Speaker at national and international conventions in Italy, UK, Denmark, and the USA, she published essays and articles on specialized reviews and in collective volumes.


“In my experience good Thinglink VR 360° projects foster quality teaching and motivate students to practice higher-level critical thinking skills through analytical and synthetic processes and multiple forms of expression and perception”.

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