Seven use cases for adding notes and narration to camera images


by Ulla

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7 Use Cases

We recently updated our free iOS app and added an option for users to record audio clips directly to individual tags, or combine text, images, and audio in the same tag. There are many situations where the ability to enhance camera images with notes and narration comes handy. Here are seven examples:

1. Documenting nature

Documenting nature


2. Documenting projects

Documenting projects

Documenting Media 2

3. Explaining how something works

Explaining how something works

4. Making observations

Making observations

5. Sending instructions or questions

Sending instructions or questionsSending instructions or questions

6. Telling a story

Telling a story

7. Capturing a special moment on the go

Capturing a special moment on the go

Download the free ThingLink iOS app from App Store, and share your examples to ThingLink Education Group on Facebook.


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