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How to enable Thinglink with Blogger

1. Sign up for Thinglink

2. You will see Add Thinglink to your entire site in your right hand corner, choose that

3. Now you should see your personal Thinglink code. Click on Copy to Clipboard

4. Log in to your blogger account and choose the Design tab from the upper navigation

5. Choose Add a gadget and click on it

6. Scroll down the popup and choose “HTML/Java Script”

7. Name your script for example “Thinglink” and paste your personal Thinglink Java script into the window. Click save

8. From now on, once you stay logged into Thinglink at the same time as your browse your blog, the images will have a Thinglink Icon in the upper left corner. Click on Icon and an Edit button appears.

9. The Thinglink tool tagging tool will appear. You can add your links and tags freely to all your images on this blog. Happy tagging! The statistics for your image views, hovers and click are in your statistics page

Read More interior design blog appreciates Thinglink for ease of use

Harri Kangas shares his interior design ideas, tips and inspiration on his blog A couple of weeks back Harri decided to try out Thinglink. He created a publisher account and got the Thinglink tagging tool for his blog. Copy and paste, and there it was. Now, all images appeared taggable, and Harri could start clicking on ‘things’ and dropping in some text and links to describe them. “I do both descriptive tags that add detailed information on the image, and link tags, which lead to other websites, most often to the manufacturer’s site or online store.”

Harri was pleased to see that tagging with Thinglink was quick and easy, and that he could freely choose the links to tags. “Simplicity and flexibility is essential for the blogger community to adapt any new tools”.

Images become core content for bloggers

Harri believes that online advertising will move away from banners towards image-based solutions like Thinglink. “New tools create new opportunities for advertising partnerships. I use TradeDoubler links on some of my Thinglink tags. This means images, and not only texts and banners, brings me affiliate revenue. The role of images is changing from illustration to core content”, says Harri.

Want to do like Harri and Thinglink your images? Create a Thinglink publisher account, contact us at and we’ll enable your personal tagging tool.

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At Marimekko Images Now Tell Stories

With the approaching Christmas season, Finnish textile and design brand Marimekko is publishing seasonal photos featuring new, delicious details.

Marimekko is using Thinglink “in-image tags” to link objects in photos directly to relevant product information. This helps viewers immediately identify the Marimekko products used for a particular setting.

“It’s another example of how in-image tags in photos can serve as a source of additional information and enhance the customer experience,” said Thinglink CEO Ulla-Maaria Engeström.

An essential practice at Marimekko is giving each product a name. Fabrics have names, collections have names, and sometimes even clothing has a name, like “iloinen takki”, the happy coat. Naming products is one of Marimekko’s ways to inspire and tell stories.

Want to use Thinglink to tag your images? Just create a Thinglink account or contact us at and we’ll enable your publisher account.

Marimekko Corporation is one of the leading Finnish textile and clothing design companies. The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories under the Marimekko brand, both in Finland and abroad.

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Janne Aukia joins Thinglink

We are excited to welcome Janne Aukia to Thinglink as Lead Front-end Developer.  Janne will develop the user interface for Thinglink products.

For the past ten years Janne has implemented rich user interfaces for both web and mobile applications. It all started when he got his own Mac at the age of ten.

Janne’s previous positions include Senior Developer at Futurice Oy, a Finnish software consultancy, and Marketing Manager and Researcher at Xtract Oy, a provider of analytic solutions for mobile operators. At Futurice he performed HTML5 and Javascript magic in both mobile and web projects. At Xtract he did his Master’s thesis on Bayesian analysis of social networks, in which he analyzed the activities of millions of users.

Janne’s hobbies include tinkering with Zoomooz.js, a jQuery plugin for making zooming web sites. The library has been a success with over 30 000 visits in just a couple of months. Janne is also one of the founders of Frontend Finland, an organization that brings together Finnish developers interested in user interface best practices.

Follow Janne on his blog (in Finnish), which has been running for nine years. He also tweets occasionally.

We warmly welcome Janne to our team! Now we have two Jannes on staff; our CTO Janne Jalkanen and Janne Aukia as a Lead Front-end Developer.

The question now remains, how many Jannes is enough?

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RRW on Social Networks for Things


Over at ReadWriteWeb today, Richard McManus has a post out on Social Networks for Things. It is a writeup of the DLD panel Ulla-Maaria was on last week. Richard outlines the ideas behind Thinglink and two adjacent services, ThingD and a new startup called He ends with a prediction:

If web 2.0 was largely about social networks for people (which you can certainly argue it was), then the new generation of the web will add things to those networks and create new networks.

It’s good to see people are starting to recognize the emergence of new startups in this space, and advances in image recognition, mobile handsets, product identification, and social networking technologies all combine to make this an exciting time to be working on the “social graph of things.” Read the full post here.

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The internet of things revisited

Update: Live notes from the panel have now been posted by the DLD10 team here. Here’s the full video.

Charles Eames, the iconic American furniture designer, once observed:

“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality.”

It has taken a good while for the world to catch up with Eames. Things are changing though. Ulla-Maaria will be discussing the shift on a panel on the Internet of Things, hosted by angel investor Esther Dyson at the DLD Conference in Munich tomorrow. Tune in to more videos of the sessions here.

See also Ulla’s account of the loss (and return to) connectedness and quality in her recent TEDx talk.

Ulla-Maaria Engestrom at TEDx Helsinki

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One Thing leads to another

Now, the verses are a little bit off topic, but The Fixx appear to have been visionary with their chorus refrain:

I think we have a front-runner for the official Thinglink jingle.

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Photo contest winners announced

The results are in! Design in the Wild photo contest winners were announced this evening by Professor Eero Aarnio and our very own Ulla-Maaria. See the Facebook event for pictures from the awards ceremony and party.

1. The grand prize was awarded to Henri Aho of Vaasa, Finland, for his photo of the Harry Bertoia Side Chair.
Picture 5A snippet from the Jury’s comment: “There is a clandestine and mysterious air about this picture: a hooded person hurrying up the stairs of a concrete church designed by Aarno Ruusuvuori with a Harry Bertoia Side Chair. Is she on her way to a randez-vous? Or committing something subversive?”

2. City Boy Picnic Barbeque by young Finnish design group Selki-Asema. Photo by Elina Aalto, Finland.
Picture 6“A young man enjoying his hot barbeque, sausage, beer, and cigarette after a sauna. An urban warrior determined to hold on to the traditional Nordic lifestyle.”

3. Assorted design objects on a table. By Jonas Forth from Vaasa, Finland.
Picture 7“A beautiful collection of rare classic vintage design objects. This set belongs in the home of a true design connoisseur”

4. Random Lights by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. Photo by Timo Arnall from Oslo, Norway.
Picture 8The Jury couldn’t put it better than a commenter on the site: “It is as if someone is trying to sell happiness”

5. Honorary mention from Design Eero Aarnio: Sari Hermiö’s photo of her cat exploring the EverGreen Watering Can designed by Eero Aarnio.
Picture 9“A cozy photo that shows a glimpse of a real home with its many inhabitants”

Last but not least, the winner of the popular vote was Helena Hagberg’s photo of three Iittala lanters designed by Alvar Aalto. It received an honorary mention from Iittala.
Picture 10“A dramatic composition that presents a classic Iittala product in literally a new light”

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Design in the Wild awards tonight!



Hey there Thinglinkers! Our Design in the Wild photo contest award ceremony will take place at the new Eero Aarnio showroom at Erottajankatu 19 in Helsinki, Finland this evening (Wednesday, 5 August). You can RSVP on Facebook now.

If you are local, be there at 7 pm to see the winning photos, meet design legend Eero Aarnio, mingle with friends, photographers, other designers and design enthusiasts, and of course find out which one of the top 10 voted photos the jury awards with the grand prize, a 1960s design Pastil Chair.

picture-4Thanks to Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas for sponsoring the beverages, including samples of their new ‘design drink’ Laitilan Brandy Long Drink.

For those who can’t attend, we’ll post the results of the contest on our Thinglink profile and here on the blog soon after they’ve been announced.

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Portable Thinglink!

The people demanded a way to add easily add products while browsing your favorite design/antique/architecture/collector/technology sites. And you know what the people are getting? Exactly that. We are proud to introduce v0.5 of the Thinglink Bookmarklet.  Special shouts out to Thinglinkers Jonas Forth and Sacha Chua for urging us into action.

What can it do?
The Thinglink Bookmarklet allows you to add new products from any site that you regularly visit on the web. Here’s an example of how I used it earlier today:

Bookmarklet v0.5 Introduction from Thinglink on Vimeo.
Music: I still don’t hate you by Junior Major.

Will it work flawlessly?
Not quite yet. But it will work decently, and it will work hard. And it will just keep getting better and better, automatically updating every time we enhance it. Plus, if you do your part and report feedback we’ll get to v1.0 in no time.

How do I install it?

Simple. You can go straight to and follow the instructions. At the moment, we are supporting FF3+, Safari, Chrome, and IE8, so you’ve got some options. You’ll also see a promo on the right column of your home page the next time you log in, with a link to the install page.

I wish you all happy hunting!

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