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Connect with ThingLink

We launched our developer program quietly a few months ago. The Thinglink SDK, as you could call it, allows you to create your own Rich Media Tags simply and make them available to all Thinglink users.

Today we’re doing a couple of major improvements to our developer offering. First, we’re allowing the tags you create to be sticky, i.e. the tags can have a close button and they won’t go away when the user moves the mouse out of the tag. This is especially useful if you developed a video player or a similar application.


<script type=”text/javascript”






Check out the deeper documentation at

Second, we released a Developer Preview of Thinglink Connect. Thinglink Connect is a simple library which makes it very easy to add Thinglink to any platform. It uses the industry standard OAuth2 –specification (or at least a very close approximation of revision -16 of it.)


Here’s an example how you would use it e.g. with JQuery 

<script src=”//”></script>



client:'[YOUR CLIENT ID]’,

user: ‘[ANY USER ID]’,

isOwner: true,

redirectUri: ‘’



<div class=”thinglinkConnect”></div>


First, we load the tlconnect.js script. In this case, we do it synchronously. Second, we initialize the TLC object which is created by the tlconnect.js script. We put in the client id (which you can get from your Developer page on , an user ID (which is an opaque string from you), the isOwner parameter specifying that yes, the user currently logged in on your site is also the person responsible for editing this site. Then, finally the OAuth2 –specified redirect URI.

Third, we add just a simple DIV which is replaced by TLC.init() with a nice little “Thinglink Connect” icon if the user isn’t yet logged in.

Check out the full documentation at There are a lot more options, functions and tweakeroos available to ease your integration.  Please remember that this is a developer preview, so things might still be changing around a bit. If you want to influence the library and the API, now’s the time. We welcome comments at

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot: we now support oEmbed on all of our image pages. It’s a quick hack, but let us know if you’re finding it useful. This should make it far easier to embed Thinglinked images if your platform supports the oEmbed standard.

ThingLink CTO Janne Jalkanen, @ecyrd


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Looking for frontend- and backend -developers

We are looking for frontend- and backend- masters to a great startup.

Join us in creating exciting new tools for the web! Thinglink is developing a web service, which allows anyone to tag any image and share them. Our service is live at

* Working side by side with excited and skillful people in downtown Helsinki. We have plenty of experience in making good quality code and not get hung up on irrelevancies
* Participating actively in concepting and seeing the results of your work quickly on a live service
* Taking part in a developer community: talking with others and communicating your experiences
* Seeing one of the most exciting startup-scenes in the world from the inside. Thinglink is funded by two experienced venture capital companies, and is blessed by having Jaiku veterans on board.

Come work with us!


Are you excited about new Javascript libraries, HTML5, User Experience Design, Dashboards, analytics, making usable web services or graphic design of web services?

We expect that you have
* A deep understanding of the web (HTML5, HTTP, CSS, Javascript)
* Creativity and ability to work independently
* A desire to improve the way work is done, and the ability to teach others

Our ideal candidate would also have
* An eye and a hand for visual design
* Unix and Java -experience
* A working knowledge of TDD, YSlow, OOP, Scrum and Cassandra
* Experience with graphic software (e.g. Photoshop & Illustrator)
* Experience in handling massive data
* Cross-industry experience and ability to work with experts from different fields
* A fan-relationship with John Resig, Doug Crockford, Ben Fry, Dieter Rams, Steve Souders, Aza Raskin, Edward Tufte or Danah Boyd.


Are you excited about cloud services, big data, analytics, optimization, NoSQL or just working on a new product?

We expect that you have
* A deep understanding of the web (HTTP, AJAX, REST)
* Creativity and ability to work independently
* A strong Java and Unix background
* A desire to improve the way work is done, and the ability to teach others

Our ideal candidate would also have
* Ruby and/or Python -experience
* Practical experience on cloud services (e.g Amazon EC2)
* A working knowledge of TDD, YSlow, OOP, Scrum and Cassandra
* Experience in handling big data (e.g. Hadoop or Pig)
* Experience in Javascript & JQuery
* A good knowledge on how to build scalable systems
* A fan-relationship with John Resig, Joel Spolsky, Doug Crockford, Guido van Rossum, Dave Hyatt or Steve Souders.

Send your free-form (and convincing) application to

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Thinglink statistics are live

We launched yesterday a new feature for Thinglink. As soon as you log in and create a Thinglink account, you can see statistics for all pictures you have tagged. The numbers are crunched in near real time, so you can be on the top of things right away! Naturally we are all very excited about the new feature as we believe the tagging statistics can provide bloggers, publishers and brands some interesting additional data about their images.

Views, hovers and clicks

The statistics tell you how many people have viewed or clicked on your image, but you can also find out how many hovered over the tags and actually saw what you wrote. If you are featuring several people or things in your photo, you can see which tag has generated the most action. Hover on the image above to see it all explained!

Hover is halfway to click. If you haven’t tried out Thinglink and the statistics yet, do it now and let us know what you think.

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What’s new?

You may have noticed that we’ve been doing small incremental changes to the web site. We’re not calling this a new “release”, since we keep releasing every few days or even daily (actually, we released twice today and it’s not even noon over here yet) and you probably wouldn’t want to see me post a blog entry every single time. But I’ll recap  some of the changes we’ve been making lately.

First of all, we’ve concentrated on improving the service overall. We released the first version right before my holidays, and that means that there was a considerable backlog of issues when I came back… (Rule #17: never release before holidays. You’ll ruin them.) Anyway, should now work a lot better for people using Internet Explorer, and there should be no longer duplicated images on the front page. Linking to pages that have hashes now works, and you should no longer get a handful of cookies when you use

The second thing you may notice is that we added the embed code directly to the editor, so you no longer have to hunt for your photo after clicking “done”. Just copy and paste it directly from the editor. Yay!

Big thanks to all who have been testing so far and been supplying good feedback. Seriously, I don’t think we got one useless piece of advice, and even though we haven’t implemented and probably won’t implement all suggestions, we do read and think about every single one. Keep it coming –

Oh, one more thing… We’re currently thinking about adding Facebook integration. How would you like to see us do it?

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