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Trendspotter to inspire

Some people have the ability to find cool things before others. Often times they become trendspotters, inspiring people that others follow. We asked Liisa Jokinen, a design journalist and the co-founder of to pick ten things that she would want for herself.

Liisa Jokinen’s recommendations include for example paintings by the Finnish artists Anna Tuori and Rauha Mäkilä, Bernhard Willhelm’s latest clothes collection,  Jeremy Scott’s prints as well as Marimekko novelties by Samu-Jussi Koski and Maija Louekari.

Anyone can follow Liisa’s portfolio on Thinglink and subscribe to it.

One of Liisa’s favourites is Kim Simmonson.Photo: Ghost Dog by Kim Simmonson.


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Join mekko exhibition!

Do you have a vintage Marimekko or Vuokko dress? Join our mekko exhibition on starting from July, 4th!

Daringly graphic Marimekko and Vuokko dresses are classic fashion icons in the history of Finnish fashion design. These dresses are like good wine; the more time passes, the better they get. Some of Marimekko’s dresses have been in production for over four decades. Vintage vuokkos and marimekkos are among the most wanted discoveries at flea markets and second hand stores. Some of the dresses pass straight on from mother to daughter.

In praise of these beautiful classics, we are organizing a mekko exhibition – an exhibition of vintage Marimekko and Vuokko dresses.  In addition to new DIY fashion shoots, we’re welcoming nostalgic photos of dresses from your family photo album. Take part in the exhibition and win yourself a new classic dress!

How to participate?

1. Take a cool fashion shoot of yourself with a marimekko dress on, or scan an old pose from the family album and save it in jpg format.
2. Create a free collector’s portfolio on (‘Sign up’)
3. Add your picture to your portfolio by clicking ‘Add’. Write down the story of the dress under ‘description’ and tag the dress with the words ‘mekko exhibition’. When you’re ready, click ‘submit’ at the bottom of the page. You’re in!
4. You can now browse through other people’s dresses by writing ‘mekko exhibition’ in the search box. Pick your favorite dress!

Create your own exhibition on!

If you have cool photos of other kinds of marimekko garments, tag your photo as “vintage marimekko” or start a new exhibition by choosing your own tag!

If you’re passionate about other classic vintage garments, you can be a curator and create your own exhibition on by announcing a certain Thinglink tag on your blog!

Mekko exhibition info in Finnish


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VainioSeitsonen Summer Collection 2007 on Thinglink

Vainioseitsonen is a Finnish fashion brand founded by Merja Seitsonen and Johanna Vainio. Check out their hot summer collection on Thinglink!


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RinneNiinikoski on Thinglink

Aula asked Piia Rinne and Noora Niinikoski, a cutting-edge design duo from Helsinki, to design cool conference T-shirts for Aula06 . These limited-edition, web-two inspired fashion appareil are now on display on!Paidat

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Login to the new Thinglink site

Over the past months we’ve been quietly working away on a new version of Thinglink. I’m happy to announce that the new version of the site is now online!

All existing Thinglink user accounts have been transferred to the new platform. But note! In order to log in with your username, you need to request a new password. To fetch a new password and log into the new site,
1) point your Web browser to
2) enter your Thinglink username and click "Request new password"
3) check your email for a message from (will change into containing your new password
4) log in with your username and the new password at≈

We’re still doing some improvement work but please check the site out and let us know what you think! Picture_1

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Furni uses thinglink codes

A Montreal-based design company Furni has started using thinglink codes in their products. Furni sells exquisite hand-crafted furnishings, the titles of which are inspired by skateboarding. Devin Barrette and Mike Giles have also implemented a search box on their site where people can enter a thinglink code and search what is said about their products on the web! Test it out with thing:415KZN.

Photo: Furni


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Social Objects project at Tekes Fenix seminar

Social Objects project gets part of its funding from Tekes Fenix programme, which
“focuses on research and development on software technologies and applications where interaction between end-users and information systems has a significant role.” Today there was a Fenix seminar, where I had a short presentation about “Buidling social media applications from tagging physical objects”.

Previous presentations:

Mindtrek conference, Tampere

Ubicom consumer applications using Augmented Reality technologies, Helsinki


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Project diary

October 25th, 2006
Hans Henning Gabriel from 101tec starts working on the new Thinglink site by studying the system architecture. (Photo: Hans on the left and Bissi on the right)



November 1st
Tekes accepts funding to Social Objects project, part of which includes improving the existing Thinglink service.



December, 4.-8., 2006
Jyri, Matt and I meet in London to spec the wireframes for the new service. We spend two days at Moo Cards office and two days at LSE and got a rough idea of what we want.

December 9th, 2006
I contact with Alex Dechamps-Sonsino to agree about her involvement in improving the wireframes and screen designs.



December 14th, 2006
Sami Koskela from a Finnish web design company Valve starts working on the graphic layout.



December 19th, 2006
Juha Törönen from Jaiku starts working on the HTMLs.



December 21st
Graphic layout is ready.

January 3rd, 2007
James Cowan starts working on the backend with Stefan and Hans.

March 1st
The first version of the new service is online. Bug fixing starts. At the same time, Hans is working to finish his thesis.

April 20th
Three things still missing: load tests, URLs and RSS feeds. Hanks will submit his thesis on 27th. After that we should get things ready.

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Porting the old database to the new version

We’re currently porting the thinglink-1.0 database to version 2.0, which means that the server is down for a couple of hours. Expecting to be back soon!

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Thinglink White Paper

Here’s the current version of the Thinglink White Paper that Matt and I wrote during the summer. The purpose of this White Paper is to describe what Thinglink is and how thinglinks can be used. The document is targeted to users and developers of the service as well as any other interested parties. All feedback is most welcome!

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