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An Interactive Image Slam Tonight

Meet ThingLink EDU Community Members

Join talented members of the ThingLink EDU Community for a ThingLink Interactive Image Slam tonight at 7:00 PM EDT. Get inspired by the images of others and sign up to for a chance to slam one of your own. Collaborate with participants, ask questions and expand your PLN 

Tonight’s Panelists

Join the Conversation

Join the backchannel on TitanPad

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Create & Curate Collections of Everyone’s Images

ThingLink channels have just gotten better! Now ThingLink users can curate and create collections of anyone’s images with a new Add to Channel button available under every public ThingLink image. This feature allows users to easily add anyone’s image to their own channel.

Add Any Image to Your Channel

Now when users view any image on ThingLink EDU, the Add to Channel link appears below it. Just click on the link and add that image to any of your channels.

Add to Channel

Ways to Use Add to Channel

  • Collect and curate content of all kinds.
  • Create a collection of interactive images to build concepts or launch a project.
  • Share and reuse images created by members of your PLN.
  • Redesign curriculum by creating interactive learning guides.
  • Quickly capture links to student assignments and assemble them into organized channel.

Integrate a Google Form

I tested the usefulness of this feature when assembling a channel of interactive images for our ThingLink Interactive Image Slam yesterday. The links to images for sharing during the broadcast were collected through a Google Form. Clicking on the link in the form took me straight to the image I needed. I clicked on Add to Channel and voila, an instant  collection of images was created! Explore this example and enjoy this new ThingLink feature.


Interactive Image Slam Channel

Explore the images created and shared by talented members of the ThingLink EDU Community during the first interactive image slam. If you have a great image to share and would like to participate in a future image slam, please fill out the form found in the channel.

Watch this channel grow as more images are added and recorded video from the broadcast is tagged on top of the images!

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A Webinar to Share Tips & Tricks

Efficient Ways to Manage ThingLink EDU in the Classroom

ThingLink EDU is has many features to help teachers efficiently manage a safe and secure ThingLink powered online learning environment. Google Drive is an  efficient tool for organizing and managing  the workflow in a ThingLink powered classroom. Together these two tools are unbeatable for managing a multi media rich learning environment.

Collect, sort and view all student work in one place!

We’re hosting a free webinar designed to provide busy teachers with an overview of the features available in ThingLink and ways to put them to use. Discover how to use Google Docs to automate tasks within this digital learning environment. Learn to seamlessly integrate ThingLink EDU into your own classroom.


Explore This Interactive Image

Spend less time figuring things out on your own and more time leveraging the power of ThingLink as a tool for teaching and learning. Scroll over the image to sign up for Build Your ThingLink Classroom: Tips & Tricks for Teachers today!


Time Restrictions?

This webinar will be archived for registered participants who are unable to attend the live session due to time restrictions. Please register to receive resources and archived webinar via email.

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New! ThingLink & Google Docs Integration

Great news! ThingLink now supports a rich-media tag to embed a Google Doc right on an interactive graphic. Now it’s easier than ever to transform teaching and learning with just two tools, ThingLink EDU and Google Docs!

Two Flexible Tools

Keep it simple with just two tools. ThingLink and Google Docs both start as blank pages. Both tools are equipped with amazing features and capabilities to support endless possibilities. Combine the tools to design powerful learning experiences that maximize learning.  Here is a an example of a simple unit built with these two tools.

Simple Sample Unit – The Rainforest

I created this resource for driving a student centered guided learning experience  using ThingLink EDU and Google Docs. Explore this interactive image for an overview of how I an added a seamless layer of Google Docs to collect information and guide the learning.

  • Essential Questions – Document
  • Introduction – ThingLink for Video
  • Explore – ThingLink EDU
  • Exit Ticket – Google Form
  • Step-by-Step Guided Learning – Slides
  • In Box to Collect Links to Images – Form


Explore Simple Rainforest Unit

Quick Trick – Create an Interactive Collage

Use the built in tools in Google Slides to

  1. Find and collect images with the research tool.
  2. Annotate sources.
  3. Crop with Mask to create shapes.
  4. Create a complete collage.
  5. Take a snapshot and Save as .jpg

Use ThingLink edu to add layers of content to an image.

  1. Upload image to ThingLink _EDU
  2. Add rich media tags to present information
    1. Audio
    2. Video
    3. Images on images
    4. Google Docs

Final Thoughts

ThingLink EDU and Google Docs present powerful possibilities for redefining learning. If you are looking for more ways to become inspired, please joing members of the ThingLink EDU community as we share great uses through an Interactive Image Slam on September 14th or 16th.

Learn More and Sign Up


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September ThingLink EDU Webinars

We are pleased to announce a series of September webinars designed to help educators discover the power of using ThingLink EDU for teaching and learning. We hope you will join us for one or more of these free, online learning opportunities.


Build Your ThingLink Classroom: Tips & Tricks for Teachers

Are you making the most of the management features available in the ThingLink Classroom?

ThingLink EDU is packed full of features to help teachers efficiently manage a safe and secure online learning environment powered by ThingLink interactive images. This webinar is designed to provide busy teachers with an overview of the newest features and offer tips and tricks for seamlessly integrating ThingLink EDU into your own classroom. Spend less time figuring things out on your own and more time leveraging the power of ThingLink as a tool for teaching and learning.

In this webinar we explore ways to

  • Create student accounts and invite them to join multiple teachers’ classrooms.
  • Create and manage students groups for collaborative groupwork.
  • Use channels to create collections of images for sharing and publishing.
  • Create and use shared custom icons for a variety of useful purposes.
  • Take advantage of the full circle of flexible options across platforms and devices to support teaching and learning with ThingLink.

Of course, we will feature inspiring examples throughout the webinar and we will save plenty of time for questions from the audience. Sign up for Build Your ThingLink Classroom: Tips & Tricks for Teachers today!

Sign up:

September 9th at 8:00 PM EST

September 11th at 7:00 PM EDT

ThingLink Interactive Image Slam

ThingLink EDU is a powerful digital learning platform that provides users with the ability to turn any image or video into a multimedia-rich interactive learning tool. Members of our rapidly growing ThingLink Community of Educators have discovered ways to use the tools for a variety of innovative uses across all content areas and grade levels. To share inspiring examples, we are pleased to introduce a unique type of webinar, known as the ThingLink Interactive Image Slam.

ThingLink Interactive Images Slams provide real educators in our community with an opportunity to share, highlight and discuss great ThingLink interactive images or video they have created and used with students of all ages. Discover the endless creative possibilities for enriching students’ enthusiasm for learning like never before through a unique webinar highlighting the work of our users and learn about how you can have a chance to grab the spotlight by signing up for a ThingLink Interactive Image Slam today.

Sign up:

September 16th at 8:00 PM EDT

September 18th at 7:00 PM EDT


ThingLink for Powerful Professional Development

Are you looking for a way to increase audience engagement, maximize instructional time and improve the professional development sessions you facilitate?

ThingLink is an interactive image and video annotation tool that allows users to pack a lot of content into one small space, making it an excellent choice for use as an engaging resource to power professional development. The flexibility of ThingLink makes it appealing to a wide range of audience participants, since it can be used across content areas, grade levels and devices. Rich-media tag embedding combined with the ability to link to any content on the web allows presenters to design and facilitate interactive PD to meet the goals of any session.

Highlights of this webinar include

  • An brief overview of the SAMR model to help work with participants who are at different stages of tech integration.
  • Use of pre and post assessment tools to fine tune and evaluate instruction.
  • Use of ThingLink Interactive Video for self-paced learning, reteaching and challenge.
  • Use of rich-media tags and 3rd party web tools to promote active engagement throughout your session.
  • Examples of interactive images used to successfully facilitate PD.

Sign up:

September 23rd at 8:00 PM EDT


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ThingLink Teacher Challenge Wrap Up & Resources

As educators head back to school and summer comes to a close, it’s time to formally wrap up this round of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge. We realize some of you are still working your way through this self-paced challenge and we encourage you to continue to create and collaborate.  But it is time to put an end to new sign ups at this point.

Resources for Use

The challenges will remain on the ThingLink Blog for anyone who wants to go work through them. In fact, we encourage you to use the challenges yourself and encourage you to use the resources during your own professional development offerings. For this reason, you’ll find a channel of challenges to help you navigate your way through the activities and use them with others.

Thank You

The experience of bringing together our group through a common learning goal this summer has been truly amazing and I have personally enjoyed it tremendously. I’d like to thank every participant for sharing your talents, expertise and time with us this summer. Communication across the group was very strong and I truly believe that the collaboration among this diverse group of educators played a critical role in the success of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge. Personally, I learned a lot from each of you this summer! Badges and certificates to recognize your hard work are on their way to your in box.

Reflections to Expand Your Thinking

As a passionate blogger, I recognize the power of blogging as a tool for self-reflection and growth. Throughout the challenge, several participants have published  thoughtful a blog posts to share their personal experiences and illustrate powerful connections to their own learning.  Here are a few posts that are sure to inspire!

Can ThingLink Turn Bloom’s Taxonomy Upside Down?  by Azhar Youssef

What’s Your Challenge by Sue Fitzgerald

10 Weeks of Professional Development You Can “Touch”, by Dan Gallagher

ThingLink Challenge: ESL Students Research Concepts, by Ann Rooney

ThingLink Teacher Challenge 2014, by Laura Moore

ThingLink Teacher Challenge 2014, by Khalid Nafil

Playing with “V” Vocabulary Words, by Ms. Mara

ThingLink for Interactive Books, by Alexandra Duarte

Tech Adventures in a Middle School Math Class, by Caryn Trautz

More Professional Development Opportunities

As teachers, we are all well aware  that we get better over time. The first time you introduce a ThingLink powered learning activity in your classroom, you might find yourself in need of classroom management or workflow solutions you never imagined. To support our community of educators, ThingLink will be moving forward with a series of webinars in September designed to help you maximize instructional time and reach your teaching goals as you build your ThingLink classroom. And of course, we have more ideas brewing to support our Professional Learning Community. If you would like to receive email alerts to upcoming professional development, please join our mailing list.



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Transform Teaching & Learning – Archived Webinar

We are pleased to provide our audience with an archived version of our first ThingLink webinar, Transform Teaching and Learning with ThingLink. Feel free to view the webinar  yourself and share it with others who want to learn more about ThingLink.

Webinar Overview

  • What is ThingLink EDU?
  • Ways to use ThingLink in the classroom
  • Get Started with ThingLink EDU
  • New: ThingLink EDU Premium & ThingLink for Video Preview
  • Get inspired with ideas and resources from the ThingLink Teacher Challenge

Promo Code

As a special thank you to viewers, we are offering a promo code for use towards the purchase of our new ThingLink EDU Premium account.

We will be offering a full lineup of webinars over the course of the next few months to help educators leverage the power of using ThingLink as a 21st Century tool for teaching and learning. Stay tuned to this blog for announcements and please follow us on Twitter. @ThingLink_EDU.


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Collect, Curate and Share Interactive Images

This is the 10th and final post in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge series. Please Tweet and share through social media with the hashtag #TLChallenge. Feel free to repost any of the challenges on your own blog.

Week 10: Collect, Curate and Share

Throughout the summer participants have been working hard each week to create interactive images for the ThingLink Teacher Challenge. Each week’s challenge presented new ways to use ThingLink to design student learning experiences that transform teaching and learning. After the first challenge or two, the focus shifted from the “how to” to the “why” as we explored possibilities that exist and aligned our images to support  best teaching practices.

The images create for the challenge are utterly amazing! Collectively we have created hundreds of images so far, and more images continue to be created and shared each day since this is a self-paced challenge. With so many teaching resources and ideas generated, this is a good time to collect and curate resources created by participants.

Explore Our Image Collections and Curate Content

You are encouraged to take the time to explore the images created by others, curate them and reuse them with your own students. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with all of these examples at hand. That’s the beauty of this PLN. Here are some ideas for creating your own collection of useful images.

  • Create a channel of ThingLink images by topic and use them as launchers throughout the school year.
  • Create one or more Padlets of resources related to topics you teach.
  • Create a LiveBinder of resources.
  • Create one or more Pinterest Boards.
  • Create collections on EduClipper.

Blogging About the ThingLink Teacher Challenge

Throughout the challenge, many participants have written thoughtful blog posts about the challenge. View a collection of posts on the Padlet below, and please contribute your own.

Parting Thoughts

As the facilitator of this challenge I have been extremely impressed by the contributions of the individual teachers to the whole group. We’ve learned so much from each other and it’s been a lot of fun!  Thank you for sharing yourselves and your expertise with us. I am very excited to have added so many innovative educators to my own PLN and look forward to seeing what you do with ThingLink throughout the year.






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Free Webinar: Transform Teaching & Learning with ThingLink

Are you looking for a user friendly and flexible tool to help you easily create engaging multimedia rich content to redefine teaching and learning? Are you interested in using technology to meet the personal learning needs of the students in your classroom? We invite you to attend our free webinar and explore the powerful possibilities that exist with ThingLink EDU. 

ThingLink EDU is a digital tool that provides users with the ability to turn any image or video into a multimedia rich interactive learning tool. Start with an image or start with a video. Annotate it with audio, video, images and links to any content on the Internet with the click of a button. 

Please join us for a free webinar on August 18th at 4:00PM CST as we explore inspiring examples and easy-to-follow instructions to help you transform teaching and redefine learning with ThingLink. 

Sign up 

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Create a Portfolio Channel or Image

This is the 9th post in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge series. Please Tweet and share through social media with the hashtag #TLChallenge. Feel free to repost any of the challenges on your own blog and be sure to invite your friends and colleagues to participate.

Week 9: Create a Portfolio Channel or Image


In this activity you will do one of the following:

  • Assemble a channel of interactive images you created for the ThingLink Teacher Challenge to serve as a portfolio of the amazing examples you created this summer. (Premium Users)
  • Create one interactive image for use as a launcher to all of the images you have created during the challenge. (Free Users)


In this activity you will explore the use of ThingLink Channels as a tool for assembling albums of content by collecting and curating the images you created for the ThingLink Teacher Challenge. If you don’t have a premium account, you can simply create one interactive image to launch all of the content created during the challenge. 


You’ve worked hard all summer and now it’s time to assemble resources to showcase the work you have created. Using ThingLink Channels yourself will help you understand how they can be used by students to create collections, books or portfolios for assessment. There are a few tricks to working with channels and you will discover them when you create one yourself.

What’s a Channel?

Teachers and students can create collections of work with an exciting feature known as ThingLink Channels. All users can create and view channels; however, only premium users can publish them.

ThingLink Channels provide users with the ability to organize images into embeddable interactive albums with the click of a button. Teachers and students have the flexibility to build channels that are connected to learning goals and compliment classroom routines. Channels provide teachers and student with many opportunities for extending the learning.

Example: My Portfolio Channel

In this example I created a collage of the images I created for the ThingLink Teacher Challenge  for use as a cover page. I used BigHugeLabs Mosaic Maker to easily create a collage, but there are many options for creating collages. Create one from scratch or use your favorite digital tool or app.If you are creating on an iPad, you might want to try Pic Collage, one of my favorite simple apps.

If you have a free account, you can simply create a cover page and publish it.


In this example Laura Moore created a launcher by linking each week’s challenge to this one page.

Classroom Connections and Modifications

  1. Ask students to create portfolios of work within your classroom throughout the year. The portfolio can include more than ThingLink images, just take a snapshot of any digital work and tag it to link to a project. Teachers can add tags to students’ images created within the classroom, which could be useful for providing feedback.
  2. Create a channel to tell a digital story.
  3. Create a channel of interactive images to launch a project. Include directions and examples.
  4. Create a channel for use as a presentation, as an alternative to a traditional slideshow.

Challenge: Directions at a Glance

Important Notes:

  • If you do not have a premium EDU account, you will not be able to publish your channel of images. For this reason, you might want to create one image with links to your content and publish that on the Padlet instead.
  • You can not reorder images in a channel at this time, so make sure to add images in the order you want them to be.
  • Channels hold up to 10 interactive images.
  • There is no option to add your ThingLink for Video to a channel at this time. If you want to include your video in your portfolio, take a snapshot of it, then upload the snapshot to ThingLink as an image and add a tag to your video. View example. You can also chose to skip this step and simply create a link to your video somewhere within your portfolio.

Get Started

  1. Create a simple  image to be used as a cover page for your channel and  add it to your  ThingLink EDU account.
  2. Premium Users: Create a channel titled TLChallenge Portfolio. (See interactive directions below.)

Add Images to Channel (Skip this part if you are not a premium user)

  1. Open the cover page you created.
  2. Click on the words below the image, “Add to Channel”.
  3. Open the “How To” image you created and click on the words below it to “Add to Channel”
  4. Repeat to add each of the images you created to the Channel.

Add ThingLink to Padlet

You can add a ThingLink Channel to a Padlet by copying the link you find under Share Slideshow. If you are not a premium users, simply publish your interactive image on the Padlet.

  1. Go to Channels and select your portfolio channel.
  2. Click on View as Slideshow
  3. Click on Share Slideshow at the top of the screen.
  4. Copy the link.
  5. Open the Portfolios Padlet and add the link.


Additional Help and Support

ThingLink Teacher Challenge at a Glance

Intro: 3 Reasons to Take the ThingLink Teacher Challenge

Week 1: Get Started

Week 2: Design Your Digital Self

Week 3: Digging Deeper Into Vocabulary

Week 4: Create an Interactive Map

Week 5: Flip It with ThingLink for Video

Week 6: ThingLink UnPlugged to Extend the Classroom Walls

Week 7:  Turn It Up with Sound

Week 8: Engage Students in Informed Decision Making

Explore our Showcase

View our showcase page and watch it grow!

Final Challenge

Explore and curate content created by other participants in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge to create a collection of resources.

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