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ThingLing Challenge Week 1: Tips, Tricks and Showcase

The ThingLink Teacher Challenge is up and running and this post is designed to share tips, tricks and showcase some of the work that has been created. Here you will also find answers to  frequently asked questions and ways to connect and collaborate.

Week 1 Feature Image

The first image, submitted by Alexandra Duarte, is a good one to showcase as an example of meeting the Week 1 Challenge to create a simple image to demonstrate “How To”.  It comes right in time for The World Cup, which starts today. Alexandra took a simple photo, introduced a concept through multimedia, and gave students a task to complete. Explore World Cup 2014- Portuguese Team Photo.

As a teacher, you have the ability to add tags to your students’ images. Notice I added the ThingLink Teacher Challenge icon to Alexandra’s work.

Remix to Contribute

You may be wondering how students can contribute their ideas to this image without sharing logins or devices. The answer is in the Remix  feature. The Remix feature acts like a virtual copy machine. Choosing this option allows anyone to add the image to their collection of images and add their own tags, keeping the original image in tact. I added a yellow tag to share what I learned through research about one of the team members. Explore my Remix.

 How to Distribute a Remix Lesson to Students

  1. Start on the original image.
  2. Click the Share button to copy the link.
  3. Post the link in a handy spot for students to access, or create a QR code for students with mobile devices to help them quickly jump to your image. Important: To view the Remix icon on an image, students should not be logged in.
  4. When students click on the Remix icon, they will be prompted to log in.
  5. After logging in, students will see the image in their own collection titled “Remix of…Title of Image”

Try it Yourself

  1. Make sure you are not logged in to ThingLink.
  2. Click on the link. World Cup 2014- Portuguese Team Photo
  3. Click on the Remix icon
  4. Log in when prompted.
  5. Add tags to the image.
  6. Submit your image to the Class Channel, World Cup, to see how this project can grow into a multimedia album of student work.


Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions this week.

Corporate Logo vs. Teacher Logo

Q:  I am seeing the ThingLink Corporate Logo instead of the ThingLink Teacher logo, do I still have a teacher account?

A: Yes! If you see the ThingLink Corporate Logo, you probably took advantage of the Free Premium Upgrade offered at the end of last year. You have all the features of the ThingLink Teacher account with the added bonus of being able to create Custom Icons. Read more here.

Move Images to ThingLink Challenge Classroom

Q: Can I move an image created in my ThingLink Teacher Account to the ThingLink Teacher Challenge Classroom?

A: No, but you can still share it through this form.
The reason for asking teachers to join the classroom is to help you experience ThingLink through a student’s view and add it to a Class Channel, but either way the images you create can be shared in a variety of ways.

Adjust Image Size

Q: My image is very large. How can I view the entire image when editing it?

A: There are a few options for resizing your image:

    1. You can resize the image on the editing screen by clicking one of the buttons you see on the right side of the screen.  
    2. You can also adjust the size of your image when you embed it into a blog, wiki or website by selecting iframe and then selecting custom size.
    3. A helpful tip is to resize your image using a 3rd party tool before uploading it to ThingLink. 

resize images

Connect and Collaborate

With nearly 300 people participating in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge right now, we have an amazing opportunity to learn from each other, share our knowledge, and collaborate. Here are some ways you can connect and collaborate:

  1. Join our Google +Group, share your images, and comment on the work of others.
  2. Share images and Tweet about the challenge using the hashtag #TLChallenge
  3. View the Pinterst Board, repin and share.
    Follow Susan’s board ThingLink Teacher Challenge on Pinterest.
  4. Connect on FaceBook

Week 1:  Showcase

View our channel of “How To” images and watch it grow.



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ThingLink Teacher Challenge: Get Started

This is the 2nd post in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge series. Participants can join the challenge at any time by signing up.  After you sign up, you will receive an email invitation from ThingLink. View a list of all posts in this series at the bottom of each weekly challenge. Please visit our showcase page.

Please Tweet and share through social media with the hashtag #TLChallenge. Feel free to repost any of the challenges on your own blog and be sure to invite your friends and colleagues to participate.

Week 1: Get Started


In this activity you will become familiar with some the functionality of the ThingLink Classroom. You will

  1. Join the ThingLink Challenge Classroom.
  2. Upload an image.
  3. Create a simple interactive image.
  4. Submit  your interactive image through a form for sharing.


Throughout the ThingLink Teacher Challenge we will be working within our own classroom environment. We will begin by completing some one-time setup tasks to join the ThingLink Teacher Challenge classroom.

You will start out as a member of the classroom and your experience will be very similar to what students experience when they work within a group. Later you will be creating your own ThingLink Classroom group to become familiar with the management tasks associated with being a teacher.

To get an understanding of the ease of use of the tool, we will start by creating a simple interactive image with content you are very familiar with. This will allow you to engage in constructive play without getting overwhelmed by trying to create a complex lesson right out of the gate. . If you are an experienced ThingLink user, hopefully you will find the opportunity to kick this first challenge up a notch, if you choose.

Part I: Set up tasks

  1. New Users – Sign up for a ThingLink Teacher Account at


    Sign up for a Teacher Account

  2. Confirm that you have a ThingLink Teacher account.

    Look for the Teacher stamp under the ThingLink Logo. If you do not see the Teacher stamp, return to the ThingLink for Education page and follow the steps above to sign up for a  teacher account with your existing login.  After completing the sign up step, you should  see the Teacher stamp under the logo.


    ThingLink Teacher Logo

  3. Join the ThingLink Teacher Challenge Classroom

    If you have already signed up for the ThingLink Teacher Challenge, you should find an invitation to join our group in your email inbox.  If you haven’t signed up for the challenge, please click on the link to sign up.Watch this video tutorial to learn how to join the ThingLink Challenge Classroom. Remember to use the pause button as you walk through the steps.


Part II: Create an Interactive Image

The first ThingLink Teacher Challenge will be to create a simple interactive image that explains “How To…” and taps into your own expertise. Remember, new users should keep it simple and choose a topic you are very familiar with. Here are some simple summer ideas for your first image.

  • How to Make Ice Tea
  • How to Get Fit for Summer
  • How to Grow Tomatoes
  • Anything goes, keep it simple

Example: Learn How to Play the Guitar

Create an Interactive Image 

  1. Upload your image to ThingLink
  2. Give your image a title.
  3. Tag your image with text, rich media tags and weblinks.

Watch this video to learn how to create a simple interactive image. Then experiment with different types of tags and create your own interactive graphic.

Part III:  Submit Your Image

When you are satisfied with one of your images, please submit the link through this easy form.

  1. Click on the Share icon
  2. Copy the link.
  3. Paste the link with into this form.

Submit Images


Optional: Add Image to our the lass channel titled
Week 1: How To…

  1. Click on the image you want to add
  2. Look at the bottom of the image for the option to Add to Channel.
  3. Select the How To channel from the drop-down menu and click done.

Add to channel

Additional Handouts for Help and Support

View the How To Channel and Watch it Grow

ThingLink Teacher Challenge at a Glance

Next Week’s Challenge: Design Your Digital Self

Take the Week 2 Challenge: Design Your Digital Self


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ThingLink Education Features Reviewed

ThingLink Education has been working hard this year to support teachers by providing the community with a safe and efficient online classroom environment. ThingLink Teacher Accounts are packed full of powerful features to help teachers transform learning and help students develop 21st century skills.

As we approach the launch of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge, we thought it would be helpful to provide educators with a handy spot to review earlier posts about features available in ThingLink Teacher Account. Of course, a great way to share all of this information is through the use of an interactive image as a content launcher.

ThingLink Education Features at a Glance

Explore this interactive image to jump to earlier posts introducing ThingLink Education teacher features with examples and directions.

ThingLink Education Features Professional Development

We understand the importance of providing professional development to help teachers explore and use ThingLink in the classroom. We realize that summer is a great time to help teachers grow professionally. To meet the needs of busy teachers, we are excited to offer the ThingLink Teacher Challenge this summer. We hope you can join us for this free, self-paced learning opportunity designed to help teachers connect, explore and learn through constructive play.

ThingLink Teacher Challenge



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3 Reasons to Take the ThingLink Teacher Challenge This Summer

The ThingLink Teacher Challenge is a free, self-paced, online summer professional development opportunity designed to help teachers transform classroom teaching and e-learning with ThingLink, an easy-to-use interactive image and video platform.

This challenge invites teachers to learn to use interactive images to redefine learning in the classroom. Learn how to connect audio, video, images, and text in one cohesive presentation
during this self-paced professional development opportunity. Here are three reasons to participate.

Transform Teaching and Learning

ThingLink is a flexible classroom tool that has a tremendous amount of potential for transforming teaching and learning. With the click of a button, users can turn any image into a multimedia rich interactive graphic that includes video, images, audio, and links to web content. Individual images can also be added to ThingLink Channels to create albums of interactive images. Teachers can create differentiated instructional resources, students can develop 21st Century Skills as they use ThingLink to present knowledge and ideas, and everyone can dig deeper into content that is available 24/7.

Just about anything is possible with ThingLink!  Here are a few ideas.

  • Create digital teacher and student profiles and portfolios

  • Enrich student drawings, infographics and maps with rich media

  • Compose interactive, mobile friendly slideshows and “image books”

  • Cocument a field trip … and more!


Engage in Self-Paced Summer Learning Through Constructive Play

Summer is a time when teachers can enjoy a break from the highly scheduled daily routines of the school year. The ThingLink Teacher Challenge is designed to fit nicely into any teacher’s summer lifestyle because the challenges are flexible and available 24/7.

Weekly challenges will be introduced through the ThingLink Blog. Teachers can visit the blog at anytime, from any location, and find all the resources necessary to complete the challenge. After that, participants can have a bit of fun engaging in constructive play to create interactive images to meet the challenge. Final products for sharing can be submitted at anytime through an easy form right on the blog. Participants can get inspired by the growing channel of interactive images submitted by other participants by revisiting the blog.

The ThingLink Teacher Challenge is designed to support learning at all tech comfort levels and there are no rigid deadlines to interfere with your summer plans. So progress at your own pace and enjoy the freedom and time you need to experiment through constructive play.

Connect and Share with a Community of Learners to Build Your PLN

As use of technology in the classroom becomes more prevalent, it can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming to keep up if we are trying to do it all on our own. The ThingLink Teacher Challenge is designed around the idea that we are all learning together.

One of the of the goals of this professional development opportunity is to connect, collaborate and build on the ideas of others through the use of a personal learning network. The PLN will provide participants with support, motivate us to keep learning, and empower us with the confidence to try something new. The PLN will enable participants to grow professionally, share expertise and discover new and inspirational ways of teaching and learning.

Participate in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge

Discover the possibilities that exist when you take the ThingLink Teacher Challenge this summer! Getting started is simple.

  1. If you don’t have a ThingLink Teacher account sign up for one at

  2. Follow ThingLink_EDU on Twitter and stay tuned to the ThingLink Blog to learn about weekly challenges

  3. Sign up through this simple form. There is a spot on the form to ask questions and make suggestions.

ThingLink Teacher Challenge at a Glance

  • ThingLink Teacher Challenge starts on June 9th, 2014.

  • Weekly challenges will be posted on the ThingLink Blog and shared through ThingLinkEDU on Twitter. (Follow)

  • Challenges will be flexible to encourage participation at all tech comfort levels.

  • Participants can submit entries for any challenge throughout the contest, allowing everyone to progress at their own pace.

  • Submissions will be curated and featured weekly on the ThingLink Blog , and social media channels.

  • Participants will be encouraged to share and comment on the work of others and make connections through social media. Please use ThingLink Touch button to like the work of your colleagues!

  • Please use hashtag #TLChallenge on Google+ Page, Facebook Page, Pinterest Board, Scoop.It

  • Participants will be encouraged to blog about the experience and/or repost in the hopes of gaining momentum as the contest goes.

Sponsorship Opportunities for the ThingLink Teacher Challenge

Perhaps the biggest rewards for participating in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge are intrinsic, but tangible prizes are certainly a special way to acknowledge teachers for hard word too. For this reason we are inviting sponsors to participate. If you are interested in  learning more about sponsoring the ThingLink Challenge, please send an email to

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