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Using ThingLink Beyond the Classroom Walls

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ThingLink is an amazing tool for teaching and learning that is now supported across platforms to provide teachers and students with a variety of flexible options to extend the learning beyond the classroom walls. The recent addition of the Android app, along with existing the iOS app and web based platform, completes the full circle of possibilities for creating interactive images.

Using ThingLink Mobile on a Field Trip

Students can bring their mobile devices to a museum to capture life as it happens.  Perhaps they have access to school owned iPads or Android tablets, or maybe they can can be allowed to bring their own iPhones or Android phones with them. Either way, they can document learning as they explore.

While working on the mobile app during the field trip phase of the learning experience, student work is stored locally on their own devices, which eliminates the need for an Internet connection. Students can take a photo and tag it with another photo, video, or text right on the spot. This type of active participation will help them focus on the learning  instead of simply running around the museum from exhibit to exhibit as passive observers.

Explore this example of work that could be completed on the spot during a field trip visit.


Using ThingLink at School After a Field Trip

When students return to school after a field trip, they can use the web based version of ThingLink on a school computer, or continue the work on a mobile device to put it all together and tell the story of the museum visit. They can add their images to a ThingLink Class Channel, organize their ideas and extend the learning through research. Perhaps they want to add a YouTube video, or link to a website for more information. They can use the wealth of resources available on the world wide web to dig deeper as they continue to make personal connections.


Using ThingLink at Home to Finish the Project

Students can finish their projects at home on whatever device is convenient and available. They can log in to ThingLink on their home computer or use their personal tablet or phone to put the finishing touches on their interactive images. They can explore and dig deeper to expand their knowledge beyond what they learned at the museum.  They can compare their experience with the experiences of their peers by exploring the class channel dedicated to the field trip. They can comment on each other’s images to provide feedback to their classmates.

The Complete ThingLink Circle

Explore this interactive image to discover the full circle of possibilities for teaching and learning with ThingLink.


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ThingLink Android App has arrived!


Great news: the Android version of ThingLink Mobile is now available for download at the Google Play store.

IMPORTANT NOTE: teachers and students can log in with their existing ThingLink username and password. If you are a new teacher user, please create a ThingLink EDU account here.

To optimize ThingLink functionality in the classroom and on field trips, we have added many new features including the ability to add images on images, copy-paste links from Safari browser, Google+ login, and the possibility to re-edit images.

Our Android app works on all Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0 or more recent OS versions. This covers approximately 80% of active Android devices in the world.

We are excited about this launch and hope you are too! The Android version of our service completes ThingLink’s cross-platform story and makes it possible to create and edit ThingLink images from web browser, iOS and now Android-supported devices. This means you can easily start creating new images on a field trip, and edit them later in the classroom or at home.

Please visit our app page and add ThingLink Mobile to your selection of favorite apps!

Best regards,

ThingLink Team

What do you think?

This is the first time we have released an Android app and our team is hungry for all the feedback we can get. Is the Android (or iOS) app effective? What features do you like the most? Is there anything limiting that needs improvement?

Please send us a note to


edited-squirrel 2


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New in iPhone & iPad ThingLink App

Have you checked the latest update of ThingLink iOS App?


Automatic tagging
photo 4 (1) - Copy

In order to make ThingLink fun and fast, we are adding 2 images and 1 info tag on each of your newly created ThingLink image.
Before saving, you can delete those 3 tags or add more tags if you like.


Visual editor

photo 2 (2) - Copy

Now you can preview, right from the editor, your  link tags, video tags, image tags and other tags.


Download ThingLink App NOW, it is free.





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What browsers does Thinglink support?

Internet is changing and so is our support.

ThingLink is working fine on the last 2 versions of the browsers mentioned below:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

We don’t officially support Opera but Thinglink would works just fine with it as well.

We don’t support Internet Explorer 6 and  7 anymore, but ThingLink works great on Internet Explorer 8 and above.


If you bump into any bugs using ThingLink please let us know about them at our support forum or by e-mailing us at

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Skoletube partners with ThingLink to bring interactive images to Danish schools

Starting today, Danish teachers and students can now create interactive images for teaching and homework as Skoletube integrates the Finnish interactive image platform ThingLink to their set of educational tools.

We are thrilled that Thinglink is now integrated with Skoletube. Thinglink brings life and interactivity to images and this has a big potential in the classroom,” remarks Marcus Bennick from LærIT/Skoletube. “Digital workflow is a key factor today and with the Thinglink integration on Skoletube we really have a smooth setup which I know our Danish teachers and students will love.

The Danish government is at the forefront of transforming teachers and students into media savvy citizens by making it easy to appropriate new web technology without risking their privacy. Denmark has created a national educational single sign on solution called UniLogin that allows access to web services and applications with a student ID number and password.

Skoletube, an educational portal  that currently reaches 75% of Danish schools, uses UniLogon for allowing teachers and studets to create interactive images with ThingLink and share their creations back to Skoletube’s class channels.

“Whether you are interested in physics, engineering, design, biology, or political sciences, interactive images offer a whole new mobile-friendly way for learning and teaching. We are very excited about our collaboration with Skoletube and look forward to supporting our growing user community in education,”  says Ulla Engeström from ThingLink.

ThingLink was recently chosen by Forbes as one of the Top 5 Companies that made media consumption smarter in 2013, and has become one of the most a popular free web tools for education professionals in the US.


We hope students and teachers enjoy the new integration and look forward to seeing what they create and learn together using ThingLink and SkoleTube!

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Shiva Communication initie Škoda à ThingLink sur Facebook

ThingLink is proud to partner with French media agency Shiva Communication to launch an innovative marketing campaign for Škoda.

The French Market is really embracing the new technologies and both journalists and media agencies increasingly use interactive images to communicate and boost engagement.

Dans le cadre du lancement de la nouvelle Octavia Combi du constructeur tchèque Škoda, l’agence digitale Shiva Communication utilise la technologie d’images interactives ThingLink pour faire la promotion de ce nouveau véhicule sur la page Facebook de la marque.


Facebook Škoda France :


  • Qu’est-ce que ThingLink ?

ThingLink ( est la plateforme d’images interactives la plus populaire du marché. L’outil en ligne permet d’ajouter une couche de contenu supplémentaire aux photos et de générer des images interactives. Plus de 170 000 médias utilisent ThingLink, parmi lesquels des quotidiens d’informations, des magazines, des annonceurs ou encore des agences digitales.

ThingLink a récemment lancé son application mobile permettant de créer des images interactives on-the-go.


“ThingLink est l’outil idéal pour engager votre audience, une campagne bien pensée comme celle de Škoda apporte 100% de taux de clique et 19 secondes de temps sur image, un rêve pour toute marque.” Cyril Barrow, Responsable des Opérations, ThingLink.


  • ThingLink, un véritable outil interactif pour les fans de Škoda.

En utilisant la plateforme d’images interactives Thinglink,  Škoda donne l’occasion à ses fans de découvrir le véhicule à travers les astuces Simply Clever de la marque.


“Nous sommes constamment en recherche de nouvelles technologies qui permettent de développer l’engagement des fans de Škoda sur Facebook. ThingLink nous permet d’offrir aux fans une expérience différente et inédite sur Facebook et une mise en avant de contenu originale.” Timothée Le Vert, Directeur Conseil, Shiva Communication.

Shiva Communication : Qui sommes-nous ?

Créée en 2002, Shiva Communication ( accompagne au quotidien les entreprises, les marques, les institutions et les associations, dans la définition et la mise en œuvre de stratégies digitales innovantes et différenciantes.

Véritable « HOT SHOP » créatif, l’agence est reconnue par ses clients pour sa forte expertise dans les domaines des contenus de marques et de la création de sites et de campagnes innovantes.
Shiva Communication est structurée autour de 4 pôles : Conseil & Stratégie, Technique, Création & Contenus et réunit plus de 35 experts du digital.

Située à Clichy, Shiva Communication a créé une pépinière d’entreprises intervenant sur des métiers connexes, pour favoriser les échanges et le développement d’approches digitales innovantes.
« Nous attachons autant d’importance à la formulation de stratégies pertinentes, qu’à la gestion des petites tâches du quotidien. C’est pour cela que nos clients nous sont fidèles depuis plus de 6 ans en moyenne. Enthousiasme, créativité, humilité, sont les qualités que nous cultivons. » Nicolas Sirot, Président.


Nos métiers :

  • Création de campagnes d’image digitales
  • Brand content et production de contenus vidéo
  • Création de sites « web responsive »
  • Social marketing (réseaux sociaux et animation)
  • Opérations digitales associant média & hors média
  • Programme de conquête et d’acquisition multicanal
  • Intranet et outils de communication interne
  • E-marketing relationnel (fidélisation, CRM, e-mailing)

Principaux clients de l’agence :

Skoda France, Bouygues Télécom, AXA France, Toys “R” Us, Institut National des Métiers d’Art, Volkswagen France, Sephora, Sodexo, SoLocal Group, Carrefour Property, Lenôtre, L’Oréal.

Contacts :


Agence Shiva Communication

Tugba Kiyak – Responsable Communication

40 – 42 Boulevard Jean Jaurès – 92110 CLICHY

Tel : +33 (0)1 41 06 92 90| Mob : +33 (0)6 60 03 49 88 |



Cyril Barrow – COO



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Celebrating Earth Day – April 22

The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life and is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.

ThingLink is happy to celebrate Earth Day in images.

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It is never too late to celebrate.

The Holiday special contest has ended…and we have a winner.

The winner is William, who has won a day with his mother swimming with dolphins.

Congratulations William, your  wish has come true!

Go and TOUCH William’s image, make comments and share it on your favorite social network.

Thank you to everyone who has been participating…have a great year using ThingLink.


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5 Ideas for ThingLink’d Journalism

A great article about ThingLink today in the press.

Check out Mediabistro’s 10,000 words’s post:



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ThingLink Launches…

Image Streams, Comments, Search and Mobile View.


ThingLink looks different today

This week we launched a site redesign and new features. This includes image streams, follows, notifications, comments, search, and we’ve improved the viewing experience on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

We’re really excited about ThingLink’s new social and mobile dimensions, and hope you like them, too. The next few weeks are dedicated to improving the user experience. So contact us if there is something bugging you, or if there is something you think is particularly neat.

You now have an image stream that others can follow

You can now see all your tagged images at MY IMAGES. This is your personal image stream that other users can follow. Whenever and wherever you tag a new image (on your own website or ThingLink) it will also appear in the HOME view of your followers. You can also follow rich images of others, including your favorite friends, bands and brands such as NME, Paper Garden Records, Urban World, Wind-Up Records, Freunde von Freunden or our creative director Jonas Forth.

Search and discover rich images from others

Thanks to our amazingly creative users, there are tons of engaging images you can now search by keyword. Search, touch and discover a new world of interactive images…it’s super fun. And check out our Gallery of staff picks.

Comments and notifications

When you publish a ThingLink image, it’s great to get feedback. Viewers can now comment on your photos from desktop or mobile devices. You’ll get an email notification when comments are posted, and you can respond.

See new comments and notifications by clicking on your profile icon on the top right. That’s where you’ll also find SETTINGS (to change your profile image, password or set your nick name), LOGOUT, and HELP.

Mobile view

Many viewers browse ThingLink images on mobile devices, so we have improved the mobile experience on iOS and Android-powered mobile devices. Now, your mobile device is an interactive magazine.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and comments.

Touch and discover.



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